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white label seo

You value your clients and we value perfecting the work and performance metrics that go into client satisfaction. We get the results and you get the credit

My SEO Sucks has developed software to automate much of the SEO process.

Let us review your website today!

Want To Get More Traffic?

We’re here to help you build.

We’re a white label SEO company with a twist. Founded by entrepreneurs, marketing and advertising experts, we wanted to boost our businesses’ exposure and lift our conversions through SEO but couldn’t find a decent agency to do it.

After hiring three firms and getting little return on our investments, we dug deeper into why most SEO firms failed to deliver tangible results. Search engines rank web pages based on the quality of links that direct towards them (backlinks), furthermore, the on-site structure plays a crucial role.

What Makes Us Different?

We used to be a PR firm, specializing in communications and building sustainable relationships. This has allowed us to leverage a myriad of connections to source links with high authority blogs and websites on a global scale. This gives our company a unique value proposition and competitive advantage because we’re able to source high-quality backlinks that other SEO companies can’t.

As leaders in our field, we knew that the best way to serve our clients would be to create our own proprietary software. Once on-boarded, our clients are able to use our SearchEye software to shows a holistic image of the factors involved for your company to rank higher on Google and other search engines. This also includes essential information on keyword research, on-site structure and website architecture, backlink building and detailed recommendations on your site’s service pages.


The Power of SearchEye

Grabbing the attention of your audience requires optimization, trend spotting, innovation and clear messaging that speaks directly to provide personal and tailored experiences. We’ve spent a considerable amount of time building a reputation as SEO experts and cultivating our craft to boost organic search engine rankings and create content.


  • Crawls your site on a weekly basis to look for on-site issues
  • Continuously explores new keyword opportunities
  • Finds relevant keyword blog opportunities
  • Eliminates junk sites
  • Assigns a custom weight to your keywords
  • Posts custom content on blogs with keyword in backlink text

What Type of Work Does MSS Automate?

Get Noticed with SEO Automation

As experts in our field, we’ve refined our marketing processes to perform to the highest standard while keeping client costs as low as possible. As progressive marketers, we innovate and evaluate frequently to drive results for the companies and agencies that we partner with.

We invested heavily in SearchEye SEO automation with 3 years of research and development, rigorous testing and applying it to real-life scenarios. We’ve developed a game-changing solution for agencies that want to deliver the best results for their clients.

How to Automate SEO

We have successfully discovered a way to break down and simplify the processes in your SEO campaigns. This allows our highly trained marketing experts to automate aspects of SEO campaigns; we’ve currently automated around 40% of our client’s monthly deliverables.

We’re data-driven at My SEO Sucks and we leverage that to build campaigns that drive results for our clients. By automating just under half of our processes, we’ve been able to reduce 14 hours of labor time per campaign.

The result: stronger, quicker campaigns that cost less to execute.

Link-building Automation

At My SEO Sucks, we pride ourselves on being digital marketing professionals with extensive reach and knowledge of how to get your company the most exposure and conversions. We have one of the most extensive link-building databases on the internet and each website has been thoroughly tracked and segmented by link-score.

What SearchEye automation can do for you:

  • On-board clients in less than 5 minutes.
  • Link-building is fully automated by leveraging over a dozen APIs and 35 different factors, utilizing one of the most comprehensive databases on the internet.
  • Tracked analytics and real-time reporting. We use machine learning and AI to generate reports in minutes vs. hours.
  • Automated touchpoint system that updates clients on the status of deliverables.

Contact us today for a consultation and explore the possibilities of expanding your business into the digital space and beyond.

We Help You Scale

When you grow, we grow with you and that’s what makes our automation unique — scalability. Traditional marketing agencies and other SEO firms will provide you with limited services, restricting the amount of bang you get for your buck. From limiting your number of keywords, optimizations, hours and content, agencies will often hold your growth back.

A key component of our vision is to provide our clients with unlimited SEO services so you can stay ahead of the competition. We understand that building genuine and stronger relationships secures more brand exposure, higher revenue streams and lower costs.

frequently asked questions

A White Label SEO automation strategy is an extremely high value, long term investment. The return on that investment, however, like much about SEO, is extremely variable. It depends on several factors, and not all of those factors are under your control. Some of the factors it depends on include the amount of resources you’re currently committing to sales and marketing efforts. Another relevant factor is your specific industry and local market. Certain markets and industries have more profitable returns on SEO investment than others.

Absolutely! White labeling is a widespread form of doing business, and is perfectly legal. White labeling involves two businesses entering into a contractual long term relationship that is mutually beneficial. There is nothing illegal about white labeling. In fact, in several industries, it’s the norm. From websites to credit cards, many products are marketed by companies that offload production to third parties. That’s the business model of the extremely successful Dollar Shave Club, for example.

An application programming interface, or API, allows third parties access to functionality from a dedicated software application. A White Label API does much the same, but bearing your own company’s brand. White label APIs integrate seamlessly into in-house IT or web infrastructures. With the My SEO Sucks White Label API, your business can have in-house access to advanced SEO analytics and reporting. Clients can also take advantage of our powerful and versatile Machine Learning AI SEO reporting software.