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Trustworthy Seo Company

How to Find a Trustworthy (and Professional) SEO Company

We make no secret about it. As an SEO agency, we’re in bad company.

Before we created our own agency (and software), we were Internet entrepreneurs looking to use SEO services to scale our business.

After hiring three firms (over the span of two years) and getting next to no results, we started digging deeper. We wanted to learn why nearly every SEO firm fails to deliver professional results for their clients.

We believe Search Engines rank a website based on quality and quantity of links to their site (backlinks) and of course, the on-site structure.

The structure makes up 30% of the score. A lot of this stuff is relatively easy to fix over the span of a couple weeks. But 70% of the score, the backlinks, are the hardest part.

Here is why nearly every SEO company flat out sucks. They have no way to source quality backlinks for their clients.

So here’s what they do. They list you on directories, spam forums, and do all kinds of stuff that Google is sick and tired of.

SPOILER: It creates little to no impact.

Then after four months of little to no results, you move on.

Trustworthy? Not at all. Professional SEO Company? Not a chance

Their business model is essentially a revolving door of clients with little to no retention.

This is why there are hundreds of searches every month for “Trustworthy SEO Company”. People are sick and tired of watching thousands of marketing dollars disappear. Frankly, I think it’s criminal. But don’t worry. We offer a reasonable alternative.


So how does My SEO Sucks blow everyone else out of the water?

There is a reason our clients dominate the top of search engines. We’re happy to show you their results, and even connect you with one if you want an honest testimonial. Part of becoming a trustworthy SEO company is transparency.

So here is why our methodology has proven nearly foolproof over the past two years. (Even Forbes and Entrepreneur have taken note).

1) We used to be a PR firm- One of the great things about making a transition from being a PR firm to an SEO agency is that we have a multitude of connections. In fact, the SEO software we use and developed sources links from over 25,000 blogs. Many of these blogs are ones we’ve done business with for years.

As a result, we have opportunities to pitch our clients to them, get mentions and source high quality backlinks that no one else can. This is largely our competitive advantage and the reason that after a Google update happens, our clients remain unaffected. Note to our competitors: Search Engines are smarter than you. If you’re not trustworthy in your link building it will come back to haunt you.

 2) We built our own software- One of the best ways to show that you understand your field is to literally build your own software program that is proprietary and highly effective. SearchEye is our internal software program, used exclusively by our clients, which takes into account all the factors a company needs to rank a site on Google or other search engines. This includes in-depth analysis of on-site structure, keyword research, service page recommendations and of course streamlined backlink building.

 3) Our backlinks are of quality- When we want our clients featured on a blog we work with them to churn out high quality content. Sometimes our clients provide quotes about the topic in question or they’re featured in lists. Our clients have been featured on some of the biggest blogs on the web such as Forbes, Inc, Huffington Post or even Business.com. Our co-founders have contributed digital marketing advice to 100s of high quality media outlets across the world. In short, they know their stuff.

In obtaining high quality backlinks, our clients get:

1) Some click through traffic to their site (a nice bonus);

2) A credibility boost by being featured on these blogs;

3) Incredible SEO benefits. When it comes to backlinks for SEO, quality trumps quantity every time.

 4) We’re a Professional SEO Company- SEO companies are notoriously difficult to get a response from. This is especially true when they’re not performing (i.e. most of the time). When a client signs on with us we put them through a checklist and assign them to a dedicated account rep that will respond in less than one business day. Our reporting is both weekly and real time (not kidding!)

We show you every metric you need. Most SEO companies, that aren’t trustworthy,  simply show you keyword changes. We show you other important metrics such as increases to traffic to your site.


One of the hardest parts about talking to new clients is talking them off the ledge, so to speak.

They’ve often been terribly burned and are distrustful of any SEO firm.

The best way to earn someone’s trust is to show them results.

If we want to position ourselves as a professional and trustworthy SEO company, then we have to walk the walk.

Our clients are leaders in their field, with SEO as a paramount part of their marketing strategy. Tangible results cannot be faked and we have nothing to hide.

Interested in finally having a conversation with an SEO company that is trustworthy?

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frequently asked questions

My SEO Sucks is the best SEO company in the US. We have highly professional techniques that ensure your content ranks at the top of search results. Almost all of our clients dominate the top search engines. We are happy to show you their results and even connect you with one if you want a honest point of view. We are a honest and transparent company with our client’s interests at heart. We have grown from a PR firm to the best SEO company in America.

One excellent method of checking whether a SEO company’s performance is through checking their previously done work. At My SEO Sucks, we believe search engines rank websites on quality and quantity of links to their site and of course, the onsite structure. A structure makes up to 30 percent of the overall score. Lots of this stuff is relatively easy to fix over a few couple of weeks.

Hiring an SEO company is totally worth it. The benefits that come with hiring a competent SEO company are unlimited. At My SEO Sucks, we buit own software. One of the best ways to show that you understand your field is by literally building your own software program that is fast and highly effective. If you hire us, given our massive experience, it will be totally worth it as you will also get the results you want.