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Simplify Keyword Research

Does keyword research often feel like a Chinese puzzle to you? With so many new keyword research tools and techniques out there, you’re bound to get frustrated. It’s time to put all the confusion out the door. How?

Use Search Eye’s free keyword research template to make a substantial keyword list along with all the necessary details. Sounds like a dream? Here’s a peek. 

Zero-Hassle Keyword Research Template

Search Eye’s free keyword research template lets you track all the necessary keyword metrics in a single Excel sheet. The page enables you to segment your targeted keywords based on user intent, keyword category, location, and more. Plus, you get to add the keyword strategy against each of the selected keywords. Wow, that does make keyword-research super-simple. 

Embrace the Easiest Way to Do Keyword Research

We hate to see marketers go through everyday drudgery. That’s why we created this keyword research template. The keyword research template helps to quickly map the high-volume and low competition keywords you need to target your website. Use this template to know the odds of winning a featured snippet, to build links, optimize a page, and much more!




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