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Getting Stuck? Start with a Content Guide Outline Template

Do you often feel constipated while managing a content team? It’s almost like there’s a constant communication gap between you and your team.

It happens all the time, especially when you go out there and jump straight into content creation. There is a strange feeling of doubt and anxiety that fills the air. 

And how do you even dream of content scaling when you can’t even get the first piece, right?

“Somebody get me out of this rut?”

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you had a well-defined content structure in place:

What to write? How much to write? What’s the content flow? How to get the right tone? 

Save Time with a Readymade Content Outline

A content outline template puts you and the content writer on the same page. Guess what? That’s what you’d been pulling out all your hair for all these months. An outline document gets the content manager and content writer to agree on what goes inside the content piece. So there’s no back and forth. Yes, for a change, no back and forth! And well-planned, timely content production. 

Get the Right Content Quality 

You don’t have to go bananas creating quality content at scale. Most business owners and content managers get a headache when scaling up content. That’s because they’re hardly producing the stuff they had intended in the first place. The content guide outline template works as a bible for content creators. All a writer needs to do is to read through the guidelines and start filling in the blanks. A template that makes the writing process simple and helps deliver the right quality every single time. This template comes with two sections to audit content for quality before giving a final nod. How cool is that?

Create Optimized Content at Scale

Most businesses struggle to optimize and format a content piece. Not anymore. This free template offers the writers an easy-to-use content-flow. It includes all the elements that make a content piece exciting:

  • Pro tip boxes
  • Pros and cons chart
  • Headlines 
  • Call-to-actions
  • Guidelines for meta-descriptions
  • Keyword optimization
  • Internal linking

This template helps make sure your team produces nothing but top-notch, search-friendly content. 

Produce Content that Resonates with Your Brand Voice

Many content marketers fail to get the desired returns from scaling up content creation; why? That’s because their content gets lost in the crowd. With the content guide outline template, you can make sure that each piece of branded content aligns with your brand’s core values and has a distinct voice. You can now guide your writers to become content superstars by creating unique, impactful branded content. Use this template to add details like:

  • Brand voice 
  • Word count 
  • Draft due date
  • Content publishing date
  • Content sources

Don’t get bogged down, creating content guide outlines. Hire expert content marketers from SearchEye. Get remarkable content guidelines in just a few hours! And in your budget!


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