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Working in real time is a modern expectation and we value effectiviness. If you are ready to implmenent or want instance iterations we are ready and waiting.My SEO Sucks are experts and excellent communicators why not get in touch with our friendly team and find out.

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real-time communication with Slack

  • No more waiting for email responses

  • Deliverables and Completed tasks sent over in real-time

  • Approve content and work directly inside of slack

Why Slack?

As veterans in the SEO industry. The biggest pitfall we notice day-to-day is the lack of communication (back and forth). Slack fixes this by:

  • Real-time updates once deliverables are completed (with ability to comment and provide feedback), all inside your private channel.

  • On-going feedback, in small bites. Emails often are long and make it difficult to communicate back-and-forth on any issues.

  • By leveraging Slack’s workflow functionality, clients can approve content and deliverables in a single click.

These are only a few of the many benefits Slack provides. By having access to a 24/7 SEO team, it’s like having your own in-house SEO team.

is slack useful for communication?

In short, yes. One of the biggest challenges with hiring an SEO agency is the lack of communication. As it’s often misunderstood, clients are often confused and apprehensive of the value it provides.


Imagine you were hiring an in-house marketing person. Would it be more effective to communicate with them via email only? Of course not! It’s impossible to bounce ideas, provide real-time feedback or communicate. By having access via a private Slack channel, you’ll get all of the benefits of an in-house team at only a fraction of the cost. Best of all, you can add as many people as you’d like to the channel.

How does My SEO Sucks Use Slack?


Sending emails back and forth amongst your team and ours can be often ineffective: words often get lost in translation, deliverables end up not getting approved and work can sometimes grind to a halt. With real-time communication, the team (from both sides) can work together to scale up your SEO.


Deliverables that are sent through Slack often require feedback and/or approval. As each new deliverable is pushed automatically from our project management system to Slack, you can quickly take a look and provide feedback either directly in the thread or with a quick click of a button (i.e. Approved, I have a question, Edits made). By eliminating the often cumbersome back and forth, our team and yours has more time to work on what matters, results!

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