SEO Services: A Part of Every Digital Marketing Strategy


Have you been struggling to get traffic to your site? Are you dissatisfied with the number of sales you make on your site? If your website has failed to deliver the business that you were hoping for, you are not alone. We have heard the same story from client after client. We know how hard it is to increase traffic and make sales online – which is why we are so passionate about our work. We have a unique skillset – digital marketing and SEO services in Canada – that allows us to help business owners like you achieve your online business goals.

SEO is a fundamental part of every digital marketing strategy because Search Engine Optimization is how you get visibility. You want to show up on the first few pages of Google – which means learning to meet and exceed the expectations of the search engines. Our SEO services agency can help you rapidly accelerate your SEO results by applying multiple effective strategies, including digital PR, content marketing and social mentions. As a premium SEO company we are ready to put these proven strategies to work for you!

The way we do SEO

SEO = Digital PR + Content Marketing + Social mentions

Our extensive experience with digital marketing and SEO has taught us what works – the formula above lays it out as clearly as possible. We use a multi-pronged approach to get our clients results.

Our digital PR team helps you spread the message about what makes your business unique and why potential customers should pay attention. We work with a network of bloggers, journalists and influencers while simultaneously sending out press releases to stir up attention.

Our content marketing team develops a content marketing strategy and works with talented writers to produce compelling content – the kind of content that will attract visitors to your site and your social media page.

At the same time, our social media team generates interest in your business through multiple social media platforms. We use what makes sense for your business, which may include Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more.

How we can help you succeed faster at SEO?

We are not just focused on helping you succeed at SEO – we are intent on creating success as fast as possible! We draw on 20+ years of experience to develop smart, winning strategies for your digital marketing needs along with the latest technologies for maximum effect. Our company utilizes machine learning through our own proprietary software to determine exactly where to apply our SEO efforts. And with direct access to 30K+ premium sites for link building, we have the resources to generate interest faster than you can imagine.

Crush the competition

You know you aren’t the only business out there in your industry using digital marketing and SEO. You have competition – and you want to crush that competition. As your SEO services agency, we have the same goals you do. We want to help you dominate your industry.

To accomplish this goal, we combine proven marketing strategies with cutting edge technologies. For example, you need Call to Actions (CTAs) to encourage readers to take the next step along your sales funnel. We definitely utilize CTAs, but we go a step further than the standard CTA. We help you monetize your traffic by optimizing your CTAs using heatmap analysis. Heatmaps tell us what your site visitors are doing when they are on a page, including what they look at, for how long, and what they click. They can tell us the ideal location for your CTAs and help us shape those CTAs so that they are most likely to generate conversions.

Let the results do the talking

SEO/Content marketing techniques we rely on

Our team is committed to using the best marketing techniques out there, including:

  • Barnacle SEO – Utilizing larger, established sites to leverage yourself to the top of search engine rankings
  • Hub & Spoke Content Strategy – A content strategy that explains to your reader the whole topic and organizes content so that it has weight and value
  • Mobile First Strategy – Designing your website first for mobile – where the majority of visitors are likely to find you first – and then following up with the design for laptops and desktops
  • Skyscraper Technique – A technique for developing the best quality backlinks to your site and content
  • Visual Content Marketing – Using compelling visuals to convey information to your audience, such as infographics

Depending on your business and your marketing needs, we can mix and match the techniques we use to ensure an optimal approach.

Our reporting parameters

When you hire a premium SEO company, you want to be kept informed about what they are doing for your business. We think that clear communication is fundamental to a good working relationship, which is why we have comprehensive reporting standards for our clients. These include weekly reporting via a customized dashboard – one you can access anywhere with an internet connection – more detailed monthly reporting, and weekly calls to measure the performance and the action plan.

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“Whether it’s local business, mid business or big business, changing your marketing approach to digital marketing, you need top SEO strategies to give a boost to your business.”

Not just SEO! We help you in lead monitoring & nurturing too

We are a full digital marketing agency, which means we can handle SEO and everything else you need, including lead monitoring and nurturing. We will watch your leads, take action when necessary, and continue to nurture them for as long as necessary to get results.

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We help you grow and increase your organic traffic 1000% in a year!

“*Brand Name*: Traffic Increased by 1200% in a year!”

“*Brand Name*: Ranked on 1st Position in 6 months”

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“SEO is the key: More Traffic = More Sales! Get started with your SEO Campaign today!”


  1. How long will it take to see SEO results?

Every client is different, but generally, you can expect to see results in a period of months – and drastic results within 6 months to a year.

  1. Do we use machine learning in SEO?

Yes, we use our own proprietary technologies and machine learning.

  1. How much should a small business spend on digital marketing?

We recommend spending between 2% and 5% of your company’s revenue on your marketing budget.

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