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SEO Physiotherapy

If you’re involved in the medical industry, you probably already know that most people’s first stop for medical questions is no longer their doctor’s office.

It’s Google.

According to The Telegraph, some 7% of Google’s search queries are health or medicine related. In 2019, that was some 70,000 searches every minute.

What this means for anyone in the medical industry is clear: you need a search engine presence. If you’re not capturing organic traffic from search engines, you’re missing out on potential patients.

Selecting a physiotherapist can be a long and involved process which demands a lot of research. As a result, physiotherapy is in a perfect position to benefit from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.

By developing useful content which answers your potential patients’ questions and addresses their concerns, you have the opportunity to create useful resources which will also attract organic search traffic to your practice.

This technique — known as content marketing — is the cornerstone of a good SEO strategy.

We Know Healthcare SEO

SEO for physiotherapists is nothing new to us. We’ve helped dozens of health care professionals boost their signal across search engines, attracting organic traffic to dozens of different practices.

When it comes to medical issues, people want answers and they want them quickly. While the internet is no substitute for advice and diagnosis from a qualified physician, it can provide a ton of supporting information.

Answering these questions — like what the process for starting physiotherapy is, common conditions that might necessitate the help of a physiotherapist, and what some typical physiotherapy treatments involve — is an excellent way to drive your website to the top of search results.

How do we know? Simple: we’ve done it many times. We’ve elevated dentists, plastic surgeons, and doctors of all descriptions up to the top of the search results page.

What SEO For Physiotherapy Looks Like

SEO practices for physiotherapists looks quite similar to most SEO campaigns we undertake. 

There are four main components to a good SEO campaign for any healthcare professional’s website:

  1. On-site Optimization: Our first task is always to prepare your website for the attention of search engines themselves. That is, not the users, but the automated systems search engines use to find and rank websites. This is a technical process of formatting and labeling your site to make it easy to digest by automated systems.
  2. Content Creation: Once your site is looking spiffy and is up to the latest search engine standards, it’s time to populate it with content. This means answering the kinds of questions we laid out above. With a comprehensive content strategy, our expert writers begin to research and create blog posts, graphics, and other engaging web content relevant to your business. By naturally including important keywords in the pages, we can snag lucrative search traffic as we create useful content which positions you as an expert in your field.
  3. Backlinks: After the site has some content, we reach out to our massive network of online media outlets, authority websites, niche blogs, and other web resources to secure backlinks. These hyperlinks back to your website act as “votes” for the quality of your site and its content, helping to boost your search ranking.
  4. Localization: Because your physiotherapy practice is a highly localized business, we perform extensive localization optimization to make sure your business appears on local directories like Google Maps. We also create localized content so that your business appears in important searches such as “physiotherapists in my area,” and other geographically focused searches which bring you the local customers your practice needs.

See Real Returns

Can’t find your practice on the search results at all? Not to worry. That means there is nowhere to go but up!

SEO is one of the most promising things any business can invest in. 

See how a bit of investment in your search presence can pay dividends for years to come. We’re confident that we can boost your presence on the search results until you’re competing with the best of them — and winning.

We’re ready and waiting to put our huge team of SEO experts, keyword researchers, content creators, and savvy strategists at your disposal. 

Have any questions? We’d love to answer them! Get in touch today to begin your journey to the top of the search results page.