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Seo For Plumbers 

No business — big or small — can escape the importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO.) 

Without an effective SEO campaign, your business will be relegated to the bottom of search engine results, leaving you to miss out on tons of potential clients.

Even for an industry as old school as plumbing, the modern internet has taken over when it comes to attracting new clientele. 

Many people don’t think about their plumbing until it is too late. When an accident or emergency rears its head, where do they go? Straight to the search engine! 

A web search is the fastest and most effective way to connect users with solutions. If the solution which presents itself at the top of the search results is your business, that’s a potential lead which could convert into a long time customer.

What SEO Can Do For Your Plumbing Business

Because plumbing businesses tend to operate over a small area, it might seem like they are not well positioned to take advantage of the expansive global nature of the internet.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! While it is certainly correct to say that you wouldn’t want to target people in some far flung location for your plumbing business, the internet is also a leading source of localized information.

With a highly targeted local SEO campaign, you can reach for the top of the search results for highly relevant terms. That means every time a local user pops into a search engine to look for something like “plumbers in my area,” it’s your business they find at the top of the search results.

SEO is every bit as important and effective at generating this type of local traffic as it is at generating traffic from broader sources. What’s more, because there tends to be a very limited amount of competition in a local area, an SEO campaign can be even more effective when it comes to getting local results.

What SEO For Plumbers Looks Like

If you’re not familiar with what goes into an SEO campaign, don’t fret too much about the details. While some of the actual tasks involved in SEO can be rather complicated, as a general concept SEO is quite a simple idea.

SEO can be broken down into three key goals:

  1. Make your site machine readable: This is the most technical part of SEO. It all comes down to making sure your website is properly formatted and adheres to search engine standards. This step helps to ensure that your website will be found, processed, and ranked by the automated search engine “robots” which “read” your website.
  2. Creating web content: In order to show up in the search results, you need to have something for people to find! By creating useful content which answers relevant questions and provides need to know information about your business, you create a knowledge base which can be located by potential clients as they search for topics related to your business.
  3. Securing backlinks: In order for a website to rank well in the search results, it needs other websites to link to it! Known as a “backlink,” these links act sort of like votes for the quality of your website. When backlinks come from reputable websites with topics relevant to your own, they carry a lot of weight and will make your site more respected in the eyes of search engines.


For the most part, these three fundamental goals are the core of every SEO campaign.

In that respect, SEO for plumbers looks a lot like SEO for everyone else!

However, since plumbing is a highly localized business, it’s also important to take some steps for localized SEO.

This largely revolves around local directories. The most important of these is Google Maps!

By optimizing your listing in a service known as Google My Business, we can make sure that your business appears in search results for your local area, as well as shows up in Google Maps searches. 

Any business which doesn’t take the time to optimize their presence on Google search is simply leaving money on the table! 

Curious about what SEO can do for your plumbing business? Don’t wait another day to find out what sort of results you can see when your business is sitting at the top of the search results!