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San Jose SEO Company

If you were of the impression that you could sit down and create your own SEO campaign, then we have news for you. While this is possible, do you have a firm understanding of exactly how SEO works? Are you fully versed on the most recent changes to the algorithm that could spell disaster for your website?

Of course, there are times where you may feel that SEO is pointless as you are such a small business that it wouldn’t make a difference. Well, if that’s how you feel then you are completely wrong.

Instead, SEO should be an integral part of any marketing campaign. This applies for any business anywhere in the world. Don’t believe us? Well, allow us to explain things for you.

The Basics Of SEO

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SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and the clue as to what it does is in the name.

When you go to the likes of Google or Bing and search for something, it sets off a chain of events. These occur in the background and deliver the results that are then shown to you. SEO is the art of working on methods and techniques to get your website or link right there in front of the individual doing the search.

Now, if you know even the basics of SEO, then you may have heard about keywords, backlinks, and even local SEO. However, we are here to tell you that there’s a whole lot more to it than that.

By using our experience and skills, Grey Smoke Media can elevate your website to new heights. In the process of doing so, we can improve the amount of traffic that is coming to your link.

The problem is that everybody is doing it. After all, the Internet is the largest marketplace to have existed as well as the biggest directory. Competition is tough. We can pretty much guarantee that your competition in San Jose is already carrying out their own SEO campaigns.

By using SEO, your aim is to get on that front page of search engines. This means you have prime position for those individuals seeking whatever you offer. Think of it as a way of creating laser targeted clients of customers who see immediately that you have exactly what they’re looking for.



The Importance Of SEO

For those still wondering as to whether an SEO campaign is worth the hassle, then consider this.

How do you act when you go and carry out a search? Do you sit and trawl through page after page of results, or do you choose something on the first page?

If you choose something on the first page, then you are doing the same thing as 75% of the people carrying out that same search. This then means a company or business has to be on that front page. If not, they are fighting for the scraps that are left. Also, being lower than the second page isn’t even worth considering as an option.

As we said, SEO involves getting up those results. The higher you go, then the more clicks and traffic you will receive. The only way you can achieve this is by using SEO. No other form of marketing has the potential to even come close.

Why You Need Our Services

Often, SEO is associated with high fees and not much of a return. As a result, people can try to use different methods on their own, but there is a real danger of taking this approach.

The problem is with Google and the other search engines. They have a tendency to change how they arrange the results of searches. They fine-tune their approach and change their mind on what is important for the result. While they do roll out major changes every now and then, they are making constant small alterations throughout the year.

What this means for the individual trying to run an SEO campaign with limited knowledge is that their hard work is at risk. In an instant, the type of backlinks you have created or the way in which you have incorporated keywords into your content may no longer apply to the rules. In short, your website could vanish and you are left confused as to why.

By hiring our services, you no longer have to worry about such an event happening. Your fears surrounding running into problems with the terms and conditions are in the past.

Our company not only has the experience that you seek, but our team of experts are capable of generating stunning results. It’s no surprise that SEO has a superior close out percentage for leads compared to more traditional forms of marketing. Also, we are talking about a huge difference with SEO coming under 15% while other marketing methods struggle to get over 2%.




  • Crawls your site on a weekly basis to look for on-site issues
  • Continuously explores new keyword opportunities
  • Finds relevant keyword blog opportunities
  • Eliminates junk sites
  • Assigns a custom weight to your keywords
  • Posts custom content on blogs with keyword in backlink text
  • Increases site traffic and search engine authority

What We Offer

Grey Smoke Media offers a full range of SEO services for the small local business in San Jose. From discussing your needs to understanding your competition and your target market, we can create a functional plan that will deliver amazing results.

By looking at who you compete against, it allows us to develop the correct approach to boost your ROI. We identify the keywords that are best for your business along with developing strong backlink strategies that represent quality over quantity. Of course, there’s also your content and social media to think about, and we cover each and every aspect.

However, one area where we do excel is with local SEO, and that is where you will see the biggest difference of them all.

The Importance Of Local SEO

Local SEO is not a buzzword; it’s a real approach that will change your business forever. According to Google, almost half of all searches carried out now involve local search. In other words, it’s people looking for information about things in their own area. Optimizing your website and online presence to take advantage of this makes good business sense.

The reason why this works is easy to follow. Whether you want a local restaurant, a local service provider, or to physically go to a store to buy something, people will use their computer or smartphone to get this information. If you fail to use local SEO methods, then they will see your competition and go there instead.

Can your business afford to miss out on all of this?

The Core Aspects Of Local SEO

Local SEO is different in its approach when compared to normal SEO and that’s why it’s a more specialized field.

We begin by optimizing your website both with the content as well as other aspects. This will then increase the visibility for those searching for your keywords. This is done in conjunction with our research into your market and industry to further boost your results.

Next, we look at your online listings and optimize those as well. From Google My Business to Yelp and social media, we seek to complete your profiles and optimize your listings to make it easier for the search engines to find you.

Of course, each plan and approach is unique. If you want to find out what’s in store for your own San Jose business, then get in touch.

Why Our Company Is Special

If you wonder why our company is so special and capable of getting stunning results, then allow us to tell you.

Not only do we have extensive experience in the SEO field, but we always put the needs of our clients at the front of what we do. We provide an in-depth report on what is happening and the results we are achieving, but then you can see them with your own eyes thanks to the increase in traffic.

Also, our prices are clear and easy to understand. We know there are some companies that may not have honesty at their core, but that’s not us. Instead, we work within your budget at all times. In addition, we have a long list of clients that are more than happy with the results we have achieved. With clear communication between both parties, you always know where you stand with us.

So, if you are searching for advice on San Jose SEO options, then make life easier for yourself by giving us a call here at Grey Smoke Media. We guarantee that you are in safe hands and the results that we can achieve will blow your mind. Your days of your website or online presence struggling compared to your competition will soon become a thing of the past, and that is something that we are extremely proud of.

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