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San Antonio SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization is a key tool for any business in the world today. In the past, it was appearing in the Yellow Pages or telephone directory. Now, the Internet is where all of the marketing and advertising action is found.

Of course, with everybody on there, identifying your target market isn’t always that easy. Well, that’s only if you have failed to invest your time in developing the correct SEO strategy.

Thanks to SEO, you will not only see a difference in the traffic that comes to your website, but also those individuals that contact you or view your site. In other words, we aren’t talking about anybody finding your site. Instead, this is your desired market, and the difference it makes to your revenue is amazing.

However, there’s a whole lot more to SEO to know about, so allow us to explain.

What Is SEO?

SEO involves optimizing your online presence to help you appear further up those search engine results pages. Your online presence may include your website, social media profiles and online directories, and each part has the potential to make a huge difference to your business.

What we do as a company is employ a number of established techniques that are highly effective at achieving stunning results. These methods will then increase the visibility of your online profile which makes it easier for the search engines to find you.



Why SEO Is So Important

SEO is important for the future success of your business. It’s not an understatement to say that without it your entire business may run into major problems. This applies to both the short and long term.

Having your links appear on that first page of the search engine is key. While you may believe that appearing on the first few pages will suffice, that’s not the case. Instead, consider these stats to see why you must take action now.

Everybody knows that the first results page will get all of the traffic as that’s where we land. However, do you know that 75% of all clicks take place on the first page?

We can go even further than that. From the first page, the top three links receive 60% of the clicks on their own leaving the rest to fight for the scraps.

As you can see, those links on the second page are already dealing with a small percentage. When you then learn that as little as 10% of those left go to the third page, then there’s no way that you can survive that far down.

Why You Need Our Services

Competition is rife on the Internet. After all, it’s the biggest marketplace to have ever existed. Getting to a position where your head is sticking up above all others isn’t easy. This is especially true when you attempt to do things on your own.

The difficulty is with Google and the problem is the way in which they change their mind and approach to search. Do you know that they make some kind of change to the search algorithm over 500 times a year?

What this means is it increases the chances of you falling foul of the rules. Also, search engines are quick to penalize websites that they find are contravening their terms and conditions. It’s no exaggeration to state that your website can vanish without a trace. All you know is that your traffic has dropped quite considerably.

By using our services, you no longer have to worry about such an event happening. Instead, your SEO campaign is handled in a professional manner from start to finish.

With us, what you get is a company that will not only study your own needs, but also understand your target market and competition. This is essential for us to then surpass what others are doing and to propel you up those results pages.

Uncovering this kind of information isn’t easy. It takes experience and skill to ascertain the best keywords to target and what is required to rank as high as possible.

Our experience allows us to do all of that and more.




  • Crawls your site on a weekly basis to look for on-site issues
  • Continuously explores new keyword opportunities
  • Finds relevant keyword blog opportunities
  • Eliminates junk sites
  • Assigns a custom weight to your keywords
  • Posts custom content on blogs with keyword in backlink text
  • Increases site traffic and search engine authority

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The Different Aspects Of SEO

There are various aspects of SEO, and the complexity of it does mean that attempting to create your own campaign or SEO plan is fraught with difficulties. From understanding keywords, to building the correct backlinks along with content optimization and local SEO, the list is long. Throw in the constant algorithm changes and what you have is a tough market that is constantly fluctuating.

By using our services, each aspect of SEO is covered. Not only that but we also know how to generate the best results in each area within your budget. Our aim is to always generate the best ROI for our clients.

Introducing Local SEO

Local SEO isn’t the same as general SEO practices. However, the impact it can make does mean that it’s the best approach for local businesses to use. Of course, this is only if you are serious about becoming more visible to your target market.

The entire aim of local SEO is to focus on the market directly around your physical location. In the case of San Antonio, then we are looking at each area as well as those outlying the heart of the city. However, it is always related to where your target market still resides.

This is key for any local business as it’s anticipated that searches for local information will surge past 50% in 2019. Can your business afford to miss out on such a high volume of traffic coming your way?

Say you need a carpenter and you live in the San Antonio area. What will you search for? Would you look for a carpenter in general, or would you look for one that is based nearby?

The answer is obvious, and that’s why local SEO is essential for any business in San Antonio.

The Methods Of Local SEO

When undertaking a local SEO campaign, we include a variety of methods that will all generate results. Of course, as each campaign is unique, we cannot provide you with a full plan that is suitable for everyone. However, that’s why you must use our services so you get the best plan for your own needs.

After carrying out research into your market and competition, we then put our plan for you into action. By optimizing your website for local SEO, which involves content as well as other methods behind the scenes, we will start to improve the visibility of your website.

Also, by including you on the likes of Yelp and Google My Business as well as optimizing those listings, it will also place you in front of your target market. Throw in social media profiles and other online directories as examples of what we do, and you then have a complete package that will change your business forever.

In short, our team will look at your business from the perspective of a local SEO campaign for the San Antonio area and seek to maximise the impact for your budget. We use tried and trusted methods that are capable of getting those results and with us in your corner you will see a difference that far exceeds your expectations.

What’s So Special About Us?

Here at Grey Smoke Media, we not only have the experience in our team that you seek, but we also have the client list to back up that experience. No matter the size of your business we will work closely with you and understand your aims before creating that plan. Also, we don’t believe in hiding costs, so everything is out there and discussed prior to any action being taken.

Our team of SEO experts are well versed in every aspect of the industry. With our finger on the pulse of what’s happening, your campaign will never be caught flat-footed. Also, nor is it in any danger of being outside of the rules. Add in monthly reports that show you exactly what’s going on, and you see that you are indeed with the best SEO company around.

So, stop struggling on your own and put your best foot forward by contacting Grey Smoke Media to then take over your SEO campaign. By doing so, you will have a company that is not only at the forefront of the industry but also one that has an extensive client list achieving stunning results.

SEO isn’t always difficult. Even so, take the easy option and get in touch now before sitting back and seeing the difference it makes to your business when you move up those results pages. Your revenue will thank you.

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