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Phoenix seo company

With thousands of businesses here in Phoenix, it’s hard to get your message across. It’s hard to make an impression. Face it, nobody knows who you are. Nobody can find you on Google.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though.

Make a few simple changes to your digital marketing strategy with a reputable SEO firm in Phoenix, and your website could be busier than Biltmore Fashion Park on a Saturday afternoon. You’ll receive more leads, more sales, more revenue. You’ll become a local star.

Sounds great, right?

Here at MySEOSucks, we can make this happen. Our tried-and-tested SEO product is almost foolproof — and we think you’re going to love it. Think of it as a personal digital marketing expert that finds you the best long-tail keywords and linking opportunities based on your business circumstances. Now you won’t need multiple pieces of software — everything you need is right here, in one place.

This product will help you rank higher on the SERP so you can compete with the big brands in Phoenix — companies like Kroger and Boeing. The result? You can attract more local customers to your online store and increase brand awareness and internet marketing in Phoenix.

Do You Really Need an SEO Company in Phoenix, AZ?

Let us introduce ourselves properly. MySEOSucks is a Phoenix SEO firm that developed the ultimate digital marketing product. Why did we create it? Well, we noticed that some Phoneix SEO agencies weren’t delivering on their premises. These companies were charging over the odds for their services or failing to get their clients noticed on Google. So, we decided to do things differently.

We want to point out something: We’re not a Phoenix SEO agency. Plus, our SEO product only uses the latest white hat techniques that won’t jeopardize your rankings on Google. Some agencies are still using old, outdated SEO methods from years ago like keyword stuffing. Others rely on black hat techniques that just don’t work anymore. Why choose a Phoenix SEO company that could damage your reputation online? Our product is completely different. It optimizes your SEO and gets you noticed on Google’s search engine results page.

It could be the best thing you invest in this year.

MySEOSucks also focuses on one of the most important components of SEO: Organic search. Research shows that people in Phoenix are more likely to click on natural search results than paid-for ads. In fact, they are 8.5 times more likely. That’s because people in this town suffer from something called ‘ad fatigue.’ In short, customers are sick of ads, and they don’t want to click on them.

The diagnosis? Proper organic digital marketing from a Phoenix SEO expert.

Still don’t think that organic search is more important than paid-for advertising? Here are some stats that will change your mind:

  • More than half of all website traffic — 51 percent, to be exact — originates from organic search. Just 10 percent comes from paid search, while five percent comes from social media.
  • More than 40 percent of online revenue originates from organic traffic.
  • Between 70 and 80 percent of customers ignore paid-for ads completely and just focus on organic search results.

These stats prove the importance of good organic SEO that promotes your brand in a natural way and enhances search engine optimization in Phoenix. Incorporate an organic SEO strategy into your business model and you will soon change the way you market your products and services online.

Organic search lets you increase your online visibility, capture more leads and move prospects through your sales funnel. If customers in Phoenix can’t find you online, then a proper organic search strategy is perfect for you. MySEOSucks has all the tools you need to optimize this goal. It’s your personal SEO consultant in Phoneix.

Why MySEOSucks is Perfect for Your Business in Phoenix

MySEOSucks is the ultimate SEO tool if you own a business. It helps you optimize local SEO in Phoenix and reach the right people — customers interested in your products. Better yet, you can scale it up or down depending on your exact needs. There’s nothing complicated to worry about, either. MySEOSucks is easy to use, even if you are new to SEO.

We’ve worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes in the past and streamlined their digital marketing. These companies include multinational corporations and mom-and-pop stores, and we helped them save money and rank high on search.

We can also help you target more customers in Phoenix with our guest blogging opportunities. This is your chance to spread the word about your products and services to readers on websites like Entreprenuer.com and Forbes.

MySEOSucks is the brainchild of Jordan Whelan and Chris Porteous, who know SEO like the back of their hands. (You can check out their bios online and find out why they created this SEO agency in Phoenix.)

They believe that SEO — and organic search, in particular — is the most effective digital marketing method that we use in our Phoneix internet marketing company. There’s loads of research to back this up, too. Studies show that 81 percent of consumers carry out some kind of online research before they purchase a product. Seventy-five percent of customers, however, won’t scroll past the first page of a search engine.

If you want to dominate your industry, now’s a good time to ramp up your organic search and find the best SEO company in Phoneix. Click here to get an instant SEO quote and find out more about SEO services Phoenix.




  • Crawls your site on a weekly basis to look for on-site issues
  • Continuously explores new keyword opportunities
  • Finds relevant keyword blog opportunities
  • Eliminates junk sites
  • Assigns a custom weight to your keywords
  • Posts custom content on blogs with keyword in backlink text
  • Increases site traffic and search engine authority