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Nashville SEO Company

When looking at the different Nashville SEO options, you may find yourself wondering if this is for you. Well, we are about to tell you that it is, and allow us to explain why.

The very idea of SEO campaigns or plans being for other businesses is the wrong thing to think. In fact, it’s so wrong that by ignoring the idea of applying this kind of plan you are putting your entire business at risk of running into problems.

We aren’t trying to scare you. Instead, the facts and statistics are there to support this idea.

But then, what do we mean by SEO?

The Basics Of SEO

We will forget for a moment that you are in Nashville as the basics of SEO apply no matter your location.

The entire aim of SEO is to use tried and tested methods and techniques to improve the visibility of your website and online presence for both the search engines along with your intended market. By doing this, you will not only increase the traffic to your online presence but also your revenue.

All of this is achieved thanks to exploring a number of areas. Whether it be keywords that people use to find you, understanding your competition, backlinks or content, the overall idea is to rank higher on the search engine results pages.

But then, how big a difference will it make to you? Well, let us tell you.



The Difference SEO Makes

When you carry out a search online, what do you do? You enter a search term that is relevant to what you want to find out, and you look at the results before clicking on one.

Now, do you tend to focus on the first page and rarely go to the second one? If so, then you aren’t alone. In fact, you are in the majority as only 1 out of every 4 searches results in the individual going past the first page.

But why is this? Well, it’s because people often see what they want to find on the first page. They feel quite happy with their options that there’s no need to look elsewhere. So, if you aren’t on that page, then what are the chances of people even being aware that you exist?

The sad thing is that it gets even worse. Remember how 1 out of 4 searches looks at the second page? Well, only 10% of those people go beyond the second page. If you are lower than page 2, then you may as well not exist.

To turn this around, the only thing you can do is to optimize your online presence, and that is where we can help.

The Different Areas Of SEO

SEO covers so many different areas that formulating an effective plan isn’t easy. It’s not a case of coming up with a search term and deciding to focus on that. This is especially not true if you are on a strict budget and competition is rife for those keywords.

Also, there’s local SEO, meta tags and meta descriptions. Social media and content for your website. You are talking about a number of areas and each one has the potential for making a difference to how you appear on those results pages.

The Importance Of Local SEO

While the idea of keywords may not be unfamiliar to you, the same may not apply to the idea of local SEO. However, even though this is an area of SEO that was often neglected, this is no longer the case.

Local SEO involves a series of methods and techniques that are to do with getting your local Nashville business out there in front of the local market. This is becoming more important than ever because of the increase in search percentages related to local information.

Perhaps think about things in this way.

How often will you search for take-away or a local restaurant or any other local business on your computer or smartphone? Well, almost 1 out of every 2 searches carried out now are connected to these local details.

With such a huge potential market, your business has to take advantage of it. In other words, you need to become more visible with these local searches. That is where this specific approach to SEO is applied.




  • Crawls your site on a weekly basis to look for on-site issues
  • Continuously explores new keyword opportunities
  • Finds relevant keyword blog opportunities
  • Eliminates junk sites
  • Assigns a custom weight to your keywords
  • Posts custom content on blogs with keyword in backlink text
  • Increases site traffic and search engine authority

The Key Steps To Local SEO

While each local SEO campaign is unique in its approach, there are certain key steps that must form an integral part of each plan.

First, we will optimize your website by looking at the content, keywords and meta data. This helps it to become more attractive to the search engines. Next, we will also look at your online profiles. We will bolster them by completing and optimizing using carefully selected keywords.

We can also work on improving backlinks along with other SEO approaches that are still capable of making a difference even with local SEO plans. However, each campaign is unique. To get the best possible results you need to get in touch to allow for the correct research to be carried out from the very beginning.

Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

We know it is tempting to try to do this on your own and there is enough help out there on the Internet to provide you with a basic understanding of SEO. However, allow us to tell you why this may turn into a huge mistake.

With SEO, there are a whole host of rules and regulations. Failure to adhere to them will result in your website being penalized and you will fall into Internet oblivion.

The difficulty is the way in which the search criteria is being changed. It seems as if Google never knows what it’s doing. It’s always fine-tuning results to make them even more accurate and useful than before.

We aren’t going to go into the complexities of the different changes. Instead, it’s enough to know that there are hundreds of alterations each year and any one of them could catch you out.

Failing to understand how each change may affect your SEO plans can become a disaster. Could your business cope if your website vanished and you had no idea why?

If that is a concern to you, then using the services of a professional company well versed in SEO will become essential. Believe it when we say that your business will benefit thanks to SEO. It will surpass any other marketing approach. However, that’s only possible when things are done in the correct manner from the outset.

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Why You Need Our Help

As you can see, trying to tackle this on your own is a dangerous game to play. There’s so much to lose.

Here at Grey Smoke Media, we have the experience and expertise that means this no longer becomes an issue or concern. In fact, you can sit back and see the difference.

Our SEO team will not only study your local market, but also identify your key competition and what they are doing to currently beat you. After all, we need to know what we are up against to then defeat it, and that is an area where we truly do excel.

Each plan falls well within the remit of the search engines, so there’s no concern about being penalized at any point. Not only that, but we also work with you on the budget and look for the best approaches to allow you to receive an amazing ROI that far surpasses your expectations.

We don’t believe in doing anything without your knowledge. Also, we provide a monthly report that shows the progress made because this is not something that happens overnight. Instead, it does take time, but that is even something we will explain to you before any plan or campaign begins.

By using our services, we can completely turn around your online presence and move your links and profiles up those results pages. For us, it’s not about getting on the first page but about getting as far up that page as possible.

So, if you own a local Nashville business and are looking at improving your Internet presence, then stop what you are doing now and contact us here at Grey Smoke Media. Your SEO campaign is in safe hands and we can assure you that the difference you will see in your traffic will mean that contacting us will become the best business decision you have ever made.

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