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Magento SEO Agency – Top Rated SEO Consultants

Are you interested in more Magneto eCommerce traffic? Our expert team will befriend your website and find critical insight for implementation. Guaranteed!

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Are you finally ready to partner with a leading SEO agency who actually gets it? A company that always puts themselves on the frontlines of developing SEO strategies that really make a difference for Magento companies?

Getting the Right Magento Help

Our approach to Magento might initially seem easy to understand but it’s built on years and months of practicing and implementing. This is because we understand Magento and e-commerce carefully, and we understand the journey that occurs in a Magento business from manufacturer to customer. We implement this in our industry by taking a leading cutting edge on what works and constantly testing and refining the best strategies.


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SEO Optimization for Magento E-Commerce

If you’ve already developed an e-commerce Magento website or if you are thinking about building one in the near future, you can’t ignore the potential of SEO. You probably already know that working with Magento means you have a leg up because this is an SEO friendly platform that is built on technology that can be easily customized. However, tapping into everything that’s available through this resource is a tremendous amount of work and that’s why you need My SEO Sucks in your back pocket. Ignore all of those other SEO agencies that are telling you you’ll get great results but then seem to disappear or ghost you entirely after several months. This is one of the biggest challenges in the marketplace when it comes to Magento SEO agencies.

Our Magento agency works differently and that’s because we really care about your ability to be able to grow your business and get optimal results based on tried and true methods. We don’t waste time on tactics and strategies that don’t make a difference. Instead, we stay focused on what’s really going to help you drive traffic.

Building on SEO Success

Your SEO friendly platform can be enhanced with our Magento SEO agency. Magento websites are different from any other form of websites on the internet today. The survival of your e-commerce company depends so much on SEO and having the right digital marketing strategy that can constantly be deployed.

Search engines are crucial for driving sales as well as traffic. In our Magento SEO agency, we start by researching your industry and potential competitors. We strive to better understand your audience, your business and what motivates your end readers to buy. We have built this experience based on years of working in e-commerce SEO. We’ve also fine-tuned that by drilling down into what it really means to have SEO optimization for Magento e-commerce. Magento SEO requires a different approach and that’s where we truly shine.

Setting up your website is only the first part of a longer process- you need have to have a long-term plan to be successful with your SEO for months into the future. That’s where we can help!




  • Crawls your site on a weekly basis to look for on-site issues
  • Continuously explores new keyword opportunities
  • Finds relevant keyword blog opportunities
  • Eliminates junk sites
  • Assigns a custom weight to your keywords
  • Posts custom content on blogs with keyword in backlink text
  • Increases site traffic and search engine authority

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Digital Agency for Magento Platform

We know what it takes to get your product from idea to manufacturer to the customer. We also know what tends to motivate searchers and how you can make our Magento SEO agency a crucial component of accelerating your growth. You can’t afford not to be thinking about the power of online search.

But if you’re like many other people, you’ll find that it is hard to identify a Magento SEO agency that’s really worth their salt. We’ve been working with numerous Magento search engine optimization clients and achieving outstanding success with our software. We are a top Magento SEO agency because we’ve been working with this platform for many years. You’ll know you’re in the hands of a knowledgeable and dedicated SEO team because we only work with proven SEO tactics that optimize your website as effectively as possible.

Analyzing what has worked in the past, what’s falling short in the present, and how to outline a strategy going forward means that your Magento SEO website can more effectively rank. If you’re not sure about how to market your Magento SEO website, we will walk you through what works and what you can and can’t do.

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Customized Solutions for Magento

We develop custom Magento SEO strategies for each client built on practical experience and our theoretical knowledge of SEO. This means that you can benefit from understanding the many ways that your company can get better traction or even build on the success that has already been established with your Magento SEO strategy.

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frequently asked questions

The Magento eCommerce platform helps stores set up some of the most SEO friendly websites in the online shopping industry. At My SEO Sucks, we have a unique understanding of Magento eCommerce stores. We can help your store tap its full potential with sophisticated SEO techniques. Our exclusive proprietary software helps track your Magento eCommerce store’s SEO performance in real time. It helps you stay two steps ahead of the competition and rise above the rest.

Our Magento SEO services are extremely popular with some of the highest ranking stores on the platform. We have a long history of helping eCommerce operators rise to the top, fast. No agency out there can deliver our rates of success, or compare with our speed. We keep a list of our client’s current rankings across an assortment of niche industries. You can always check out our Client Rankings, available directly from your navigational menu.

At My SEO Sucks, we have a lot of different “secret sauces” that go into the mix. Magento SEO clients benefit from our considerable insight into the subtleties of Magento SEO techniques. Another huge advantage that our Magento SEO clients receive is our proprietary SearchEye™ software. Using Machine Learning AI, SearchEye™ tracks SEO performance in real time. It aids in providing our clients the best customized solutions for Magento SEO needs.