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top seo companies in los angeles

Los Angeles is a city where stars are made. Now it’s your time to steal the limelight, become an SEO superstar and take your rightful place in the digital marketing hall of fame. Here at MySEOSucks, we can make everyone in this town know your name. We can put you on the A-list.

Waiting for your big break? Sick of always being on page two — or page three or page four — of Google’s search results? We can help. Our SEO product automates all of those SEO tasks that you just don’t have the time to complete, so you can get on with running your business. As a result, you’ll make it to the top.

Some SEO agencies in Los Angeles are still stuck on the D-list. They’re using SEO techniques from years ago — techniques like keyword stuffing and bad links. It’s no wonder, then, that their clients struggle to increase their online visibility.

We do things completely differently.

We focus on real results.

That’s because, in this town, results are the only thing that matters. In Hollywood, you’re only as good as your last movie. When it comes to SEO, we use the latest techniques to keep you at the top of your niche.


SEO is a complicated beast. That’s why you need a company that knows what they’re doing. Here at MySEOSucks, we take SEO seriously. We know what works — and what doesn’t.

Take paid-for ads, for example. Customers hate them — and there’s loads of research to back this up. One study suggests that 70-80 percent of internet users ignore them completely and click on organic results instead. That’s why we’ve created an SEO product that’s centred around organic.

Organic search results are like Oscar-winning masterpieces. They have credibility, influence, power. Paid-for ads, on the other hand, are like direct-to-DVD movies. They lack clout; they go under the radar. Organic search results could save you lots of cash, too. Why spend money on paid ads when consumers don’t want to click on them?

Our super-organic search strategy will provide you with the results you are looking for. If you want to grow your business or increase the visibility of your brand, contact us today, and we’ll create a tailor-made service based on the needs of your business.

We’ll also discover long-tail search derivate opportunities for your company that really work. That means no more useless keywords that do nothing, just real results that you can count on. We’ll find the best keywords that people search for when they look for local businesses in L.A.

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That’s not all. We offer guest blogging opportunities with some of the biggest websites in the world. These include HuffPost and Forbes, which receive hundreds of thousands of hits. What better way to get your message across to people interested in your products and services? Trust us, no one is offering anything else like this.

Plus, we won’t use black hat techniques that could impact your positions on the search engine results page. We use only tried-and-tested methods that will benefit your business and help you generate more leads. Some SEO agencies still rely on old techniques from years ago, but we always utilise the latest methods. If you hire them, you risk dropping off page 1 during the next Google update. That is…if they ever get you there.

It’s easy to see why we’re No. 1 when it comes to SEO in Los Angeles.

Why Your Business Needs SEO

We believe that SEO trumps all other digital marketing methods. While PR and email automation and social ads can prove lucrative, nothing has the power of SEO. The city’s biggest brands — BuzzFeed, Ticketmaster, all those world-famous movie production companies, etc. — use SEO to promote their products and services and engage with consumers online. Now you can do the same. And it’s a lot easier than you think.

• Seventy percent of digital marketers use SEO, making it more popular than display advertising, paid search, mobile advertising and affiliate marketing.

• On average, Google processes more than 40,000 search queries every second. That’s more than 3.5 billion searches every day or 1.2 trillion searches every year.

• Seventy-two percent of consumers who carry out a local search visit a store within five miles.

By the time you get to the end of this page, thousands of people in L.A. will have searched for local products and services. Impressive, right?

Why You Should Choose MySEOSucks

Sick of SEO agencies? MySeoSucks has developed a product that will supercharge your search engine marketing. You can scale it up or down based on your individual needs, and we’ll perform a website audit to ensure you get the most from your digital marketing efforts. It’s near fool-proof, and it can help you outrank your rivals on the search engine results page. The best part? It’s automated, which means that it is constantly working to get you on page one of any search engine.

Our previous clients include international CEOs, mom-and-pop shop owners and everyone in-between. Our software is the first of its kind in the world. That’s why our results are so undeniable.




  • Crawls your site on a weekly basis to look for on-site issues
  • Continuously explores new keyword opportunities
  • Finds relevant keyword blog opportunities
  • Eliminates junk sites
  • Assigns a custom weight to your keywords
  • Posts custom content on blogs with keyword in backlink text
  • Increases site traffic and search engine authority

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Contact Us Now

MySEOSucks is the brainchild of Jordan Whelan and Chris Porteous. They’ve redefined digital marketing and created an SEO product that will help you become a leader in your niche. Have a look at their bios online and check out Chris’ thoughts on the future of SEO on Entrepreneur.com.

In 2018, every business needs to invest in SEO or risk being left in the dust.Start now and gain an edge on your competitors.Los Angeles is the city where dreams come true. Turn your SEO goals into a reality with MySEOSucks. Contact the team today, or click here for an instant quote.

frequently asked questions

To find your organic search terms in Google Analytics, you must first set up the Google Search Console. Once that is done, you need to integrate it with Google Analytics. Both steps are easy. The instructions are freely available online. Once this is done sign back into Google Analytics and use the keystrokes Acquisition – Search Console – Queries, to see what search terms your visitors are using to get to your website.

The CTR for organic search varies depending on how high up the page you are and whether you are ranking for branded or unbranded keywords. As well as, to a certain extent, the length of the search term. The CTR rate for long-tail keywords tends to be marginally better. But, for 2020 if you are ranking number 1 for an unbranded term you should be experiencing a CTR of around 43%, for position 2 it is 37% and at position 3, 30%.

Advertising with Google Adwords will not improve your organic search rankings. At least not in a direct way. Your paying Google for ads does not mean that they will quietly boost your site in the organic rankings as well. However, if people click your ads and spend time browsing your content this can help improve your search position. Dwell time is a ranking factor. You can also use Adword campaigns to work out what your target audience is really interested in.