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Toronto seo


There are 1.14 million small businesses in Canada. and Toronto houses the bulk of them. That’s a helluva lot of competition, right? If you want to outrank your rivals, invest in an SEO company. In a digital world, SEO is just as important as small business insurance. And you wouldn’t skimp on insurance, would you?

getting to the top

The screenshots below show the overall increase in

keyword rankings and website traffic.

This Is Why Your Business in Toronto Needs SEO

Ninety-three percent of all online experiences start with a search engine. When you finish reading this page, thousands of people in Toronto will have searched for local businesses on Google.

Sorry to break it you, but none of them are going to find you.

“But I want to reach these people!” we hear you cry. Well, you could pay for ad space on Google. But customers are 8.5 times more likely to click on organic search results than paid results.

That’s not fake news. That’s a fact.

That’s why we’ve developed a killer organic SEO strategy. Think of it like SEO kryptonite. We carry out in-depth research. finding long-tail search derivative opportunities, monitoring keywords, increasing organic traffic and so on. so, we can provide you with the SEO intelligence you need. It’s all about results.

Toronto’s SEO Expert

There are thousands of us calling ourselves experts in Toronto. But only some, like the cream, rise to the top. As the biggest city in Canada, Toronto attracts a wide variety of talent in differing industries. SEO experts come far and wide claiming they have the secret sauce that will drive any business to the top of Google. But what defines someone as an expert in their field? Is it years or merit? Are they stuck using the same SEO tactics they did a decade ago. Many tout their years of experience as an SEO expert as a reason to hire them. Sure, knowledge and experience matter, but in a big city like TorontoSEO results are everything. Eat or be eaten they say. It’s a dog eat dog world. Business doesn’t care who you know or where you been and experts know this. They know that metrics like the bottom line do all the talking for you. Our client results are transparent. Our processes are novel and inimitable. We built SEO software for 2018 and not 2008. And whether it’s used in Toronto or for multi-national corporations, it is scalable and reliable. If you’re looking to hire an expert in SEO, look for one that lives in the now. Ask to speak to our clients. We have nothing to hide. And you as a business owner have everything to gain.

But Don’t Other Companies Do the Same Thing?

No. Some Toronto SEO agencies still use outdated “techniques” that will jeopardise your position on Google. We’re different. We use only white hat tricks that provide real results. Call us SEO superheroes.

There are loads of Toronto-based businesses that have built their success on SEO. Royal Bank of Canada, General Electric Canada, The Woodbridge Company. all of these brands have super powerful digital marketing strategies.

Now it’s time for your company to play in the big league. We offer guest posting opportunities on sites like HuffPost and Forbes.

SEO is the best digital marketing tool in the universe. It’s better than social media marketing and email automation and PR.

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