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Local SEO 

Let us help you rank higher in your city. SEO services for companies who want more business in their local area.

There are customers in your own backyard and we can help your business become more visible to them. Our super friendly team will make it simple for you to start generating more leads.

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There’s no shame in being a local star. After all, you need to start somewhere. Building a local fanbase is the first step to national — or even international — superstardom. Want to gain notoriety in your town or city? Your search rankings could put you on the map.

Local SEO is important, whether you’re in bustling Toronto or a tiny town in Nunavut. That’s because, right now, people in your area are searching for local products and services. The truth is, though, these consumers probably can’t find you. They don’t even know you exist. You’re not a local star — you’re on the D-list.

Luckily, there’s a solution. Here at My SEO Sucks, we’ve created a killer piece of software that generates leads, increases visibility and engages with your customers. It focuses on results, not gimmicks. Our keywords and long-tail search derivative opportunities provide you with real value for money, and everything’s 100 percent natural. No longer will you have to waste money on paid-for ads. Win!


Why Is Local SEO So Important?

Here at My SEO Sucks, we focus on getting you results. There are no gimmicks or fads — just organic SEO and digital PR strategies that provide you with a return on your investment.

We play by the rules, too. That means we never use black-hat techniques. Keyword stuffing? That’s so 2008 — in fact, that tactic could actually jeopardise your position on search engine result pages. Google’s caught up with the old tricks that some SEO agencies use, but we do things differently. We concentrate on organic search results because customers are 8.5 times more likely to click on them than paid-for content.

Our SEO product is almost fool-proof. It generates long-term keyword derivatives and provides more traffic to your website. Plus, it’s completely c

While PR, direct mail, email automation and social media are effective lead generation strategies, SEO is still the daddy of digital marketing. Google alone receives more than 63,000 searches per second, and 61 percent of marketers say improving SEO and their organic presence is their No. 1 inbound marketing priority.

Local SEO is just as important. Fifty percent of people who carry out a local search on their smartphone and 34 percent of people who search for local businesses on their computer or tablet visit a store within just one day. Moreover, 78 percent of local mobile searches lead to offline purchases. That’s a lot of purchases.

The truth is, investing in local SEO could be the best thing you do for your business this year. And next year. And the year after that. All the big companies in your town or city are doing it — and generating new leads in the process.

Not all local search strategies are good, though. Paid-for ads might generate a few new customers here and there, but organic search traffic is so much better. Believe us, we know about these things. Between 70-80 percent of consumers ignore paid ads completely.

Our organic keyword research is extensive. We tailor keywords to your business based on your location, niche and competitors, and we focus on keyword volume, priority and density. This way, you can outrank your rivals and boost your position on the search engines.

ustomisable. You can scale it up or down based on your individual needs and rank higher on search engines. If you’re still struggling to get your brand noticed, you’re doing something wrong. But that’s O.K., we’re here to help.

Why My SEO Sucks?

Let’s make one thing clear. We’re not another SEO agency that relies on old, outdated black-hat techniques to boost search rankings. Our SEO software utilises white-hat strategies so Google doesn’t penalise your website on its search results pages. While some companies still use methods like keyword stuffing and ad directories, we focus on the latest SEO techniques that actually work.

Plus, we provide you with unique guest posting opportunities on some of the world’s biggest websites, like Forbes and Entrepreneur.com. That’s why companies ranging from mom-and-pop stores to multinational corporations use our services.

How did this all come about? Jordan Whelan and Chris Porteous are the masterminds behind My SEO Sucks, and they are ready to turbocharge your local SEO. You can find their bios online.

If you want to beat your competitors and attract more people to your website, now’s the time to revolutionise your local SEO. Click here for an instant local SEO quote.

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Hold up, there’s more.

Our software provides you with in-depth reports and analysis, so you can track your campaigns and solve problems quickly. Plus, we provide you with guest posting opportunities on websites like Entrepreneur.com and Forbes. This is just one of the reasons why companies like mom-and-pop shops and massive multinational corporations trust us with their campaigns.

Here at My SEO Sucks, we make your digital marketing dreams come true. Jordan Whelan and Chris Porteous founded the company — and they’re experts when it comes to SEO and digital PR. Check out their bios online.

Want to get your brand noticed by the world’s biggest influencers and content creators? Want to boost your search rankings and generate more leads? You need My SEO Sucks. Click here to find out more and get an instant SEO and digital PR quote. Alternatively, check out our other site Grey Smoke Media.

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frequently asked questions

The term NAP in SEO refers to Name, Address and Phone Number. Consistent NAP for a business is an extremely important aspect of any local SEO strategy. Inconsistent NAP information leads to unpleasant user experience and general confusion. With an integrated NAP and an effective local SEO strategy, My SEO Sucks helps your business capture new organic visitors. Consistent NAP information positively influences your Google listings, greatly boosting your traffic in a geographic area overnight.

Here at My SEO Sucks, we make sure every client is implementing the best SEO business practices. In order to do so, we track your analytics and conversions. We also provide quarterly check-ins to keep you up-to-date on the SEO performance of your business. Your dedicated account manager can help you with your Google Business account. We can also help with comprehensive SEO technical audits, as well as Google Maps optimization.

Of course you can. Many businesses are present in several different locations, and local SEO remains the most effective tool available to them. To target more than one location, though, you need differentiated NAP information for every location. Here at My SEO Sucks, we can help you target as many locations as you need. Using dedicated pages for every location, unique content and NAP SEO, you will see traffic grow at every one of your locations.

There are many elements to the impressive success experienced by our SEO clients. Our multi-pronged strategy tackles both Local SEO and Digital PR business needs. With our massive 30,000 high quality backlink prospecting system, targeted content marketing efforts are extremely effective. Our proprietary SEO Machine Learning AI helps to track client SEO performance in real time. This gives our clients an extra edge over the competition.

Absolutely. Online citations are an integral part of an effective Local SEO strategy. They provide consistency to the business NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number), which can increase local organic exposure. On top of that, online citations can help your business climb the local Google rankings in no time at all. Our team uses a proprietary prospecting system to give you access to over 30.000 niche blogs and specialized publishers

There are several things we need in order to implement a Local SEO campaign. A good place to start is the SEO Audit, to identify impactful issues that can quickly be resolved. Once that is completed, we will have a roadmap for your company’s Local SEO strategy. Following that, our Standard and Pro service packages include everything you need for a Local SEO campaign. From brand-new SEO-enhanced content to reporting, analytics tracking and more.

Local SEO is based on the principle that it’s easier to be a big fish in a small pond than viceversa. By hyperfocusing on their own regions, businesses can effectively corner their market niche at the local level. To accomplish this, a Local SEO strategy identifies and researches keywords that dominate local product or service searches. At the same time, websites must work on their link-building and backlink catalog to improve their organic local Google rankings.

Many SEO agencies offer Local SEO services as a separate product from General SEO packages. However, here at My SEO Sucks, we take a no-nonsense approach to SEO work. Our Standard and Pro service packages include several unlimited services, constant reporting, and monthly link-building and content creation. If you want your service package to be devoted to a Local SEO strategy, simply specify so. We strive to offer exactly the services you want.