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Backlink Audits & Link Removal

Often times organic traffic growth is stuck in 1st gear and you’ve thrown everything at your site. This could be high authority links, unlimited amounts of traffic and keyword optimization. However, your backlink profile could be what’s stopping you from growing to the moon!

As part of our monthly services, My SEO Sucks runs a link analysis to find any toxic links. You couldn’t imagine some of the links we’ve seen. As a result of disavowing these links, we often see increases in search traffic in double digits in as short as 1-2 weeks.

Don’t go at it alone, trust the experts at My SEO Sucks to clean up your link profile and scale up your business. Use the contact form to get in touch.

Want To Get More Traffic?

Link Removal Service – Google Penalty Recovery & Backlink Audits

We are pretty sure you are aware of the stress that comes with failure of your SEO strategy. It is also very difficult to determine the cause of this failure. With so many factors involved, it can be confusing to figure out how the change in algorithms can negatively impact your campaign. To be in a better position, don’t wait until you are alerted that some of your links are being removed from a major search engine. Instead, let our team analyze your site profile and eliminate any toxic links that might be affecting your campaign. 

With the ever changing Google algorithms, the same link indexing strategy that worked three or four years ago can now have long term negative impacts on your site. This has resulted in many sites being penalized and some of them entirely blocked by major search engines. Our link removal services are highly effective, straightforward and solve the problem. We focus on both automatic and manual techniques on case by case basis. We work on eliminating harmful links from your portfolio professionally to get your SEO campaign right back on track.

About Our Link Removal Services

Search traffic is very important for your business. Regardless of whether you’re a large company and trying to target audiences across the nation, or a small business and focusing on local seo backlinks can have a major impact on the goals each kind of business is trying to reach. If you know that your backlink traffic has been negatively impacted due to low quality links, we are the right people to approach. We eliminate the bad links and adjust your site to become a world beater. 

The Backlink Audit

Some clients are usually oblivious on how a backlink audit is done and the required steps to achieve it. Our advice is, before you even start the process of auditing, you first have to evaluate the links and eliminate the damaged ones. At MySEOSucks, we carry out backlink audits in the most professional way. We follow simple steps in executing it. We first analyze all the links on your site and then review the backlink profile list. Next, we identify your unnatural links and measure penalty risks. We then remove bad links and disavow them, simple!

Ready to Scale Your Biz with MSS?

It’s time to get serious about your SEO:

Disavowing and Removing Weak Links

The process of identifying harmful backlinks has become easier over the past few years. As a site owner, you ought to understand the impact bad links can have on its general performance. Google has a latest update known as Penguin — it detects sites with weak and spammy links and penalizes them accordingly. This update might honestly be the worst thing that can happen to your site, it crushes your chances of ranking on Google search engines and its general SEO. The impact can be so devastating that you won’t receive any traffic from search engines. You can avoid this by allowing us to disavow and remove weak links before the Penguin update detects them and penalize you!


“Regardless of whether you’re a large company and trying to target audiences across the nation, or a small business and focusing on local seo, backlinks can have a major impact on the goals each kind of business is trying to reach.”

The Importance Of Digital PR

Recovering from Google’s Penguin Penalty

If you discover your bad links late and they end up being detected by Penguin, the first thing you should do is find a way to recover from the penalty. It is incredibly important to ensure that the issue is corrected. Once you have been hit with a penalty, your site will first lose visibility on the search engines, traffic and then conversions. That’s tragic for a business. My SEO Sucks helps clients recover from a Penguin penalty, after disavowing and removing weak links we leverage our tool Searcheye to partially automate the link building process and acquire high quality links that will help you rank for the keywords you’re targeting.

How Proper Link Building Has Helped Our Clients Thus Far

If you’re curious how our processes have contributed to the growth of a client in detail, look at our case study to get the full picture.

Still Having Doubts?

At My SEO Sucks we make it a priority to manage our relationships with our clients in an honest and meaningful way. This is why we have the policy of no contracts, flat rate pricing to keep things simple, and we share a sample of some of our clients rankings over the past 12 months

Link Removal Services FAQs

The duration, however, depends on the level of offence committed. For just a slight transgression against the webmaster guidelines for instance, you will get a lesser penalty. More serious offenses get heavier penalties that could lead to the total removal of your site. Once the penalty period has been served, the manual penalty will expire on its own.

There are two kinds of penalties: the manual penalty and the algorithmic. Manual penalties are handed down specifically by a Google employee. These kind of penalties are given mostly when your site is found to be violating Google’s Terms of Service.

It takes about 1 to 3 weeks to see results after a backlink clean up. The report takes around that period of time to be processed and get updated on your backlink profile. Within the first week, some results of the clean-up will start showing but it will take up to three weeks for complete results to show.