To attract new customers and to continue to appeal to your existing ones, your company needs visibility. Your potential clients have a problem, and you have the solution, but how do you make sure they find what they need?

SEO content can bridge this gap. However, you need to know where to start, what quality content is, and how to apply it in your industry. The online world is full of information, some of it is useful but the essentials can get lost in the noise with so many people producing sites, posts, and articles.

That’s why focusing on a specific structure of factors you can change to increase visibility can help. SEO content marketing is an effective way of consistently getting your brand in front of the right people and helping them take action.

In this article, I’ll set out how SEO can help a company, the technical areas to focus on, and how to find that expertise. On top of that, I’ll outline my top tips for creating quality, relevant content and how to evaluate whether it’s working for you.

SEO and Content Marketing

The term SEO stands for search engine optimization, which means arranging aspects of a website in a certain way to make it easy for people to find when searching online. Search engines, such as Google, review the content and structure of websites to determine their relevance, which affects where they appear in the results for specific terms.

There are many technical elements when it comes to optimization. Not every small business or digital marketing department has time to gain the required expertise in this field. That’s why some firms outsource to a dedicated SEO team to do the job for them.

When I talk about SEO content writing, I’m referring to how you structure the information that lives on the web and is published for people to consume. Content doesn’t have to be just words, as images and videos help to grab the attention of your audience. However, there’s a balance to be struck between appealing to your customers and making sure that search engines understand what you have to say and why you’re saying it.

I’ll outline the essential components of SEO content marketing. Four crucial areas can help you improve your visibility when handled correctly.

Keywords in SEO

One of the fundamental elements of SEO content writing is the use of keywords. They are topics or ideas that explain and clarify what your content is about. You can also think about keywords from the perspective of the person who is browsing. In that case, they are terms or queries that people enter into search engines.

Optimizing keywords and SEO content means improving your ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). The higher up you are, the more likely you’ll get visits, as your content is determined as relevant. The process involves researching and utilizing the keywords that define your service or product and that your customers will use to solve their problems or answer their questions.

Once you’ve determined your keywords, you’ll need to track their effectiveness. You can do this by reviewing your ranking in the SERPs and seeing which terms lead to page visits. The refining process of researching, writing, and reviewing your ranking is an essential part of search engine marketing (SEM). 

Quality Content

Ticking all the technical boxes isn’t enough for a high SERP ranking or your customers. You also need to have a consistent stream of quality content. What do I mean by quality, and what is consistent? The answers to those questions make the difference between just addressing SEO and doing it well.

For content to be of good quality, it needs to be creative, fresh, and unique. These attributes will help it to get indexed quickly and then rank higher than poor content. In contrast, bad content is repetitive and doesn’t offer value to readers. Consistency means regularly creating content that is new or provides something useful.

Each time you produce fresh content, you’ll get a boost in your SERP ranking, especially if you’ve already done some work to improve your site’s authority in the past. To consistently produce fresh and engaging content, you need to focus on SEO content marketing. Entertain your readers, solve their problems, provide new information, or provide a different angle on a complex subject.

SEO Content Marketing is technical in nature. It takes time to learn all the nitty-gritty. Hiring an expert SEO team will save you more time and money and scaling up your business way faster than your competitors. Give My SEO Sucks a call for your SEO content marketing needs. 

User Experience in Content Marketing

Structure plays a role in optimization too. SEO is about the best use of robots.txt, utilizing proper tags, enhancing metadata, and constructing a strategic sitemap. These technical adjustments impact the user experience by making the content easier to find, navigate, and understand.

An excellent sitemap is as useful as the clear and detailed directions you need when finding a place in a new town. It can let people easily find and access your content, and optimized robots.txt helps search engines to crawl your site so readers can see the content. The right tags in the correct places help you get stellar indexing, accurate search results, and more readers. 


The fourth element of SEO content writing is looking at traffic, which are the visits you get to your website. It’s influenced by your popularity and authority. One crucial way to approach this is through link-building

By connecting with high-domain authority sites, such as those ending in .edu and .org, you can drastically increase your traffic. The connection is created by linking back to your site through content. If you create and publish expert content, other reputable sites will link to it. Think of it as a recommendation; if you want other sites to want to link back, you’ll need to produce content with knowledge and authority. 


“Write comprehensive and excellent content that appeals to the interests of your target market or answer their questions.”  

SEO Content Marketing FAQs

What are the benefits of content marketing?

Content marketing helps you improve your ranking when it comes to search engine results pages. That means that more people and potential customers can find you. It also enhances trust, authority, and customer loyalty.

How to develop a content marketing strategy?

Focusing on the four factors of SEO can help you structure your content marketing strategy.

What is the difference between digital marketing and content marketing?

Digital marketing refers to any approach you make using an online platform. Content marketing refers to what you produce and publish, so the two are closely linked.