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E-commerce SEO Agency-Number 1 Rated by Peers in the USA

We have a strong reputation at My SEO Sucks for developing comprehensive SEO strategies that really make a difference in the e-commerce world. E-commerce is only getting more competitive by the day, which is why you need to have an established plan with the help of an experienced SEO provider.

Unfortunately, as the need for comprehensive SEO services has grown, so too have the number of spammers and companies allegedly promising the world to you but not being able to deliver on any of the results. That’s why we rely on our reputation and testimonials as the number one e-commerce SEO agency.

It’s because we deliver and we continue to strive to be the best in the industry. We are not looking for short term contracts and gigs in which you won’t hear from us after several months when you don’t get any results. Instead, we pride ourselves on being industry leaders and staying ahead of the curve on some of the most important issues in e-commerce SEO today.


Best eCommerce SEO Company

We don’t take the title of best SEO e-commerce company lightly. We believe that the success of your e-commerce business should not be based on guess work or experiments. You probably have some basic level of SEO knowledge yourself or maybe you’re relying on information that was told to you by your previous e-commerce SEO company. But you might not have as much experience in effectively optimizing your website or e-commerce store to get maximum traction. You see, you can’t end up with any buyers on your actual website until you have search engine optimization strategies designed to bring them there. It’s an important distinction between knowing practical and theoretical SEO. The practical part is the one that makes the biggest difference on the outcome of your e-commerce.

Our e-commerce SEO company knows just how hard it is to master this topic and to remain on the edge of next evolutions in e-commerce SEO. First of all, a proper strategy developed by an e-commerce SEO company can help you to attract and retain customers.

In fact, customers are the first priority for your company and should be the deciding factor in the future success of your business. The utility of using the right e-commerce SEO company can help you understand how to drive the maximum number of customers to your website. It’s not just important to get those customers visiting your website but also taking action and staying there so they become longtime customers.

SEO strategies require specialization. Since you already have a laser focus on developing your business, you need to invest in an e-commerce SEO company who has the expertise to develop and implement a meaningful strategy so that the number of relevant visitors on your e-commerce website grows in terms of those who convert. Our e-commerce SEO company has the experience, knowledge and reputation to make the best decisions for your site that improve visibility as well as your overall search engine optimization ranking. We also know what it’s like to work with a variety of different types of clients.




  • Crawls your site on a weekly basis to look for on-site issues
  • Continuously explores new keyword opportunities
  • Finds relevant keyword blog opportunities
  • Eliminates junk sites
  • Assigns a custom weight to your keywords
  • Posts custom content on blogs with keyword in backlink text
  • Increases site traffic and search engine authority

SEO Services for E-Commerce Companies

We know that you need to focus on core activities. Our core activity is driving search engine optimization traffic.

Although we see our relationship with you as a partnership, we allow you to concentrate on your business so that we can focus on your traffic and branding that brings in consistent customers. Partnering with an SEO e-commerce company allows you to reach your target audience directly. There are no non-competitive market niches in e-commerce SEO in which SEO is useless.

Instead every industry requires developing an SEO strategy to achieve their target audience. We do this by various elements of search engine optimization: reviewing the visibility of each one of your pages, the use of keywords, product descriptions, tags and images and helping to pinpoint potential problems that could lead to issues with the ranking of your e-commerce website.

Our SEO services are industry leading and we continue to shape and develop these to make sure that we are staying ahead of the curve with technology. We know just how important SEO strategy is for your e-commerce website. But we rely on practical and tested methods in our software and automation to make sure you’re getting the most out of every interaction with your SEO strategy company.

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Selling in e-commerce means it is always up to you to be on the cutting edge. You’ll let your competition pass you by if you don’t have an SEO strategy that is constantly being tweaked and updated for your individual needs. You can’t afford not to have a plan to help target the best SEO strategies on the market today.

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frequently asked questions

In essence, both use backlinks and require time to attain page ranking. However, it would help if you made your URL cannon for effective eCommerce SEO implementation. All your URLs need to contain specific keywords for each product displayed on each page. This helps in rank for targeted keywords. Sure, eCommerce plugins and software can help you. But, such tools can’t create cannon URLs in and organic manner. You may need a little coding to ensure long-tail keywords don’t affect your ranking.

Using naturally flowing keywords and short URLs is a general rule. Keeping it under 100 characters is the best way to go. Many eCommerce sites also organize content into folders that reflect product categories. This eases site navigation and improves the general user experience. The use of hyphens, as opposed to spaces, is the way to go in separating words. It’s also wise to eliminate “the” and other contractions where possible. You can also limit parameters to 2 or less if you can’t avoid them.

SEO strategies can provide instant results in the form of a better site organization. It also gives you the site visitors’ fresh and engaging content. But, it could take you between 6-12 months to hit the coveted page one spot on popular search engines. This is because competitors, core market, web design, your location, and a host of other factors come into play. Fortunately, eCommerce SEO strategies pay over time.