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Digital PR

Public relations remains a cornerstone of any successful business. But in the modern world, old school PR efforts must be combined with digital technology to be truly effective.

That’s exactly what we do with My SEO Sucks Digital PR campaigns. We help you build a powerful digital reputation with a combination of old school PR techniques and newfangled digital methods.

We leverage Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing, outreach, media presence, digital advertising, and a variety of other techniques to create an integrated strategy designed to boost your business’s presence both online and off.

This allows us to create a buzz about your business across a huge network of blogs and websites, attract organic search engine traffic to your site, secure valuable backlinks to your pages, and get people talking about your products or services.

Want To Get More Traffic?

Why digital pr?

The internet is a vast place. To get your business the attention it deserves, you need an integrated strategy with far reaching effects. 

This means getting your business’s name featured on as many blogs and media websites as possible, getting links to your web page from valuable and trusted authority sources, and having enough social media savvy to reach users where their attention is focused.

My SEO Sucks has an expansive network of media contacts, bloggers, social media influencers, and dozens of other sources which we put to work for the benefit of our clients.

Digital Public Relations
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We use these connections to do more than just get casual mentions of our client’s businesses. Instead, we are devoted to a complete public relations approach which builds valuable reputation for all of our clients. We focus on developing brand recognition, securing placements in highly trusted web publications, and developing lasting relationships with media outlets that will keep your business appearing in headlines for years to come.

Why Choose Us for Digital PR?

The internet is a rapidly evolving place. Keeping up with these trends requires a lot of focus and dedication, which is what we bring to the table. We keep ourselves up to date with the most cutting edge techniques in digital PR.

That means keeping a finger on the pulse of the latest develops in search engines, constantly updating and curating our ever expanding network of blogs and media contacts, and constantly refining our approach to public relations to keep up with trends and technologies.

With a dedicated team of SEO experts, an expansive content creation team, and a sophisticated process for streamlining all of our campaigns, we have the resources and skills to cultivate a highly targeted digital PR campaign for businesses both large and small.

Digital Public RelationsBecause our techniques are all about generating traffic and growing your business, we’re more than ready to help you scale up. My SEO Sucks is devoted to helping you explore the boundless possibilities of the internet, shattering every glass ceiling that traditional PR campaigns might limit you with.

Combine SEO With Digital PR

Combining digital PR with modern SEO techniques opens up a vast wealth of possibilities. SEO on the modern web means creating intriguing content which can be leveraged for long-tail keywords and performing extensive outreach to secure valuable backlinks from other blogs and websites.

This is a strategy which goes hand in hand with digital PR. As we work to create search engine optimized content and secure backlinks, we simultaneously keep a keen focus on building up your business’s digital reputation. The process of creating a recognizable and trusted brand goes hand-in-hand with generating search traffic.

The strength of your business’s reputation is intricately tied up with who is talking about it. We make sure to select highly reputable blogs and media sources which can generate buzz about your business while casting it in a good light. You’ll benefit from a variety of powerful associations as your reputation expands through mentions in high quality publications and niche websites with precisely targeted audiences.

Ready to Scale Your Biz with MSS?

It’s time to get serious about your SEO:

Why do you need SEO and digital PR?

  • Build an invaluable reputation for the quality of your brand and business in the online sphere
  • Create a powerful presence on search engines which leads to web traffic, conversions, and leads
  • Connect with the most influential personalities which can promote your products and services across blogs and social media
  • Get your business mentioned by trusted digital media publications 
  • Engage with other brands and businesses to introduce their audiences to your business

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The Importance Of Digital PR

Hold up, there’s more.

My SEO Sucks takes a results oriented approach to all of our campaigns. We put our experts to the task of performing dedicated analysis of the results from every campaign and consistently refining our methodology to find what works best.

This means that you’ll never be using yesterday’s PR techniques or outmoded SEO paradigms. We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve, employing a staff of trendsetters and technological pioneers who keep our clients leagues ahead of the competition.

Our dedicated outreach efforts provide clients with access to some of the most renowned online publications, such as Entrepreneur.com, Forbes, and many more. Combining these high profile names with thousands of niche bloggers and highly focused websites, we have one of the most complete and expansive databases of outreach possibilities anywhere on the internet.

At the core of My SEO Sucks digital PR and SEO efforts is a comprehensive content creation strategy. With a dedicated team of over one hundred writers, graphic designers, and SEO researchers, we work to craft highly useful and informative content which not only helps search engines discover your page, but also creates highly useful content to be enjoyed and shared by your constantly growing audience.

As a result, our Digital PR campaigns are the perfect way to simultaneously build your brand’s image with carefully crafted content which generates real results and consistently generates a return on your investment.

Want to see what a good digital PR campaign can do for your business? Get in touch with My SEO Sucks today for a consultation and explore the possibilities of expanding your business into the digital space and beyond.


That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here at My SEO Sucks, placing our clients in the most reputable online publications is our stock and trade. We have access to thousands of niche blogs and highly specialized outlets with sizable organic audiences. Our Digital PR services include access to many of the most prestigious publications on the web. These include Forbes.com, Entrepreneur.com, and several other renowned online media outlets.

My SEO Sucks is a full-service digital SEO agency. That includes extensive Digital PR services. At My SEO Sucks, our team has tremendous expertise creating and managing Digital PR campaigns. We apply the most advanced, modern PR SEO techniques to your business. Our Digital PR campaigns integrated SEO techniques, smart outreach efforts, and high-quality content marketing, all while establishing a media presence. Our campaigns help your business cement itself online and off.

Digital PR campaigns are included in the pricing of our Standard and Pro service package tiers. The Standard service package includes 1-2 authoritative backlinks every month, while the Pro service package offers 2-4 backlinks per month. The My SEO Sucks Standard service package is priced at $899 per month. The My SEO Sucks Pro service package is priced at $1899 per month. Both packages include unlimited audits and requests, unlimited keywords and research, and unlimited on-site recommendations.

Modern SEO techniques and Digital PR go hand in hand. To properly execute SEO techniques, companies need an output of attractive content that draws audiences in. In order to do that, companies must leverage long-tail keywords, and engage in deep outreach efforts. That’s where Digital PR comes in. Digital PR is crucial to effective outreach, allowing you to accumulate high value backlinks from renowned websites. Backlinks from prominent blogs and publications, in turn, greatly boost your search engine performance.

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