Digital PR

Why digital pr?

Digital PR is the ultimate way to increase your online presence. Think of it as free advertising, where media companies, influencers and content creators expose your brand to a potential global audience of millions. Now that’s a lot of people. Digital PR gets everyone talking about your products and services. Without it, you’re just another local company that nobody knows about. Sorry, but it’s true.

Here at My SEO Sucks, we have connections. Our vast network of bloggers and influencers have thousands of followers — consumers interested in your products and services. Some of our connections generate more traffic than Canada’s biggest radio and television stations. Our sister site, Grey Smoke Media, will also increase the visibility of your brand through social shares and backlinks and get you noticed on blogs and newspaper websites. Sounds impressive, right?

It’s no wonder, then, that our digital PR provides you with greater reach than traditional PR. Plus, you can save 50-80 per cent compared to conventional PR campaigns.

Want even more exposure online? Combine digital PR with SEO for explosive results.


Why Choose Us for Digital PR?

Here at My SEO Sucks, we focus on getting you results. There are no gimmicks or fads — just organic SEO and digital PR strategies that provide you with a return on your investment.

We play by the rules, too. That means we never use black-hat techniques. Keyword stuffing? That’s so 2008 — in fact, that tactic could actually jeopardise your position on search engine result pages. Google’s caught up with the old tricks that some SEO agencies use, but we do things differently. We concentrate on organic search results because customers are 8.5 times more likely to click on them than paid-for content.

Our SEO product is almost fool-proof. It generates long-term keyword derivatives and provides more traffic to your website. Plus, it’s completely customisable. You can scale it up or down based on your individual needs and rank higher on search engines. If you’re still struggling to get your brand noticed, you’re doing something wrong. But that’s O.K., we’re here to help.

Combine SEO With Digital PR

When you combine SEO with digital PR, you cover all bases. It’s a match made in digital marketing heaven. You can improve your search ranking on websites like Google and expose your products and services to blog and newspaper readers. The result? You can reinforce your brand and move more customers through the sales funnel.

Ready to Scale Your Biz with MSS?

It’s time to get serious about your SEO:


Why do you need SEO and digital PR?

– Search rankings drive 43 percent of all website traffic.
– SEO is 85 percent more likely to generate traffic to your website than pay-per-click advertising.
– Digital PR and influencers matter. Thirty-percent of consumers are likely to purchase a product recommended by a non-celebrity blogger.

our clients get results

Don’t believe us? Let our client rankings speak

Media Buying Company


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in Leads

Personal Injury Lawyer


Increase in organic traffic


Increase in Leads

Hold up, there’s more.

Our software provides you with in-depth reports and analysis, so you can track your campaigns and solve problems quickly. Plus, we provide you with guest posting opportunities on websites like and Forbes. This is just one of the reasons why companies like mom-and-pop shops and massive multinational corporations trust us with their campaigns.

Here at My SEO Sucks, we make your digital marketing dreams come true. Jordan Whelan and Chris Porteous founded the company — and they’re experts when it comes to SEO and digital PR. Check out their bios online.

Want to get your brand noticed by the world’s biggest influencers and content creators? Want to boost your search rankings and generate more leads? You need My SEO Sucks. Click here to find out more and get an instant SEO and digital PR quote. Alternatively, check out our other site Grey Smoke Media.

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