The Different Types of Backlinks


Using Backlinks to Promote Your Website

So you have already done some SEO research and know that you need to have backlinks in place in order to be effective with your website. Most people are aware of this as a basic SEO strategy, but don’t realize the importance of recognizing the different types of backlinks when you dive further into the details and come up with your overall back link strategy for maximum success. In this article, you will learn more about many of the different types of backlinks that you can use when marketing your website.

Backlinks at a very simple level are those links that are found on other websites that direct back to your website. In addition to capturing the traffic on that site and potentially sending it back to your website, you create a positive relationship in terms of association with a website that already has a strong organic search engine ranking. You might also hear backlinks referred to as inbound links. Backlinks are web resources in the form of a link from some other website to your web resource. This can include a web page, web directory or a website.

Another great way to think about backlinks is as a citation. Google looks at many different factors to decide the search engine optimization ranking for various keywords that a website will hold. One of them includes the back link value. The quality, relevance, and quantity of backlinks for a webpage are among factors that search engines, such as Google, will get to determine how important and highly ranked a website should be. The more quality backlinks that you have on your site, the better for your business. But it’s important to recognize that not all backlinks are created equal. Backlinks are crucial part of SEO campaigns, but the quality of backlinks should always be carefully evaluated.

One of the most common questions to emerge from a company that recognizes the power of backlinks is whether it makes sense to try to handle these issues in house or to outsource the management of your backlinks campaign to ensure that all the details are addressed.

The Importance of Backlinks

Google and other search engines presume that when a website links back to your own site or directory, this is in recognition of the quality of the website that you have created. For this reason, backlinks can be thought of as a means for other brands and websites to vouch for the legitimacy and authenticity of your brand, content, product, service or business. In addition to this positive relationship, they can also generate new traffic to your website, including those new visitors who didn’t know about you before clicking on the link located in the referrer’s article. Search engines use the number of backlinks driving to your website as one of the most crucial factors for determining the website’s popularity, search engine ranking and importance. As a result of this, any website that uses SEO techniques to increase the number of backlinks pointing their website is including this as a part of their overall SEO strategy and is taken a smart move in recognizing the power of backlinks.

The value of a back link should be evaluated by your search engine optimization team. Backlinks that come from highly authoritative and well-ranking sites on any given topic are considered extremely valuable. The back link is considered relevant if both the pages and the sites have content that is geared towards a similar topic. For this reason, it is not as valuable to try to get a back link from a site that is completely unrelated to your niche or topic.

Because even though you create a positive association connecting your website, search engine bots will look at the anchor text to determine how relevant it is to the content on a web page. You should always strive to have backlinks from websites that are relevant to your topics as well. It can be very dangerous to purchase backlinks or to invest a lot of time and energy in backlinks that are not as high quality or simply are from high ranking websites but websites that are not aligned to your overall topics and desired keywords.

In order to show search engines that your website is relevant and authoritative, you need to make sure that you have a consistent campaign for backlinks. It’s not enough to evaluate this strategy once per quarter and send out some requests for links to be added to your site. This should be an ongoing effort in order for the backlinks to register properly and for the search engines to index these links accordingly.

It’s important to realize that there are different kinds of backlinks and it’s not a good idea to go into working with an agency that cannot explain the difference in these various backlinks to you. You should be prepared to ask the right kinds of questions so that you can determine the agency’s knowledge of these issue and to verify what kind of backlinks they will prioritize for you.

Most Effective Types of Backlinks

There are several different types of backlinks that you can obtain and that your search engine optimization company will likely explore when trying to craft a strategy for you. The first of these is known as editorial backlinks. These are relationship driven backlinks that establish a relationship between a content creator or a media reporter who will use you as a regular source for content and topics. Another effective type of back link is known as guest posting. This happens when you write a guest post for another person’s blog and build links to your website in that process. This is a great way to build a recurring source of links over time and also to show credibility between your relationship in a variety of different types of sources.

Guest posting, however, also requires some strategy. Since you’ll have to identify the companies you’d like to post with and also write the pieces, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the task list of keeping up with your guest posting. In fact, that’s a big reason why plenty of companies choose to find an agency that can handle their guest posting service for them. This means you can focus on what’s important while having someone trained in guest posting and backlink requests handling it.

Another type of back link is known as directories. These are general directories in which they approach as to build links from authority directory sites, such as the yellow pages,, and Yelp. You might also seek to have backlinks from niche directories because these serve in your topic, market or niche. One of the challenges with directory backlinks is that these are not as popular or authoritative as general directories and can be hard to find.

Another type of backlink are sitewide links. These refer to links that are found on website pages in the footer, sidebar or header links. Comment backlinks are yet another strategy for anyone pursuing backlinks to consider. In order to pursue this strategy, look for websites that allow comment posting. Best practices include adding links to comment profiles and providing comments that are useful and relevant and steer clear of self-promotion.

Business profile backlinks are yet another strategy you might pursue. These include establishing links on every business profile that you include on Yelp and yellow pages, industry directories, and Facebook pages. Press release backlinks can also be used to add backlinks from news websites and media. These are ideal for promoting new services or products, promoting new business segments or branches or promoting collaborations or partnerships with other brands and businesses. Sponsorships are a related way to acquire backlinks. These include targeting organizations that accept sponsorships and, therefore, actively acknowledge sponsors on the page. The acknowledgement will then serve as the back link.

Webinar links can also be referenced ideally in recordings as a way to create earning resources and generate backlinks.

Another popular strategy to create backlinks that you might not have heard of is using badge backlinks. These are badges that other websites use on their blogs as an official partner badge, an accreditation or certification badge or an award badge. Paid links are those from a third-party domain to create a back link that goes to your website. The challenge with these is that most search engines forbid paid links and you should never pursue this as an ongoing SEO strategy. In fact, it’s best to steer clear of it altogether. You can also offer free tools to other business owners in an effort to get backlinks as they write about your product, service or business.

If you’ve gotten this far and are still curious about the kinds of backlinks, rest assured that you don’t need to take on the burden of figuring this all out on your own. While you certainly could keep this effort to identify kinds of backlinks and pursue all the guest posting opportunities on your own, it’s not recommended. The support of an experienced agency can make all the difference. You need the support of an SEO company to help you with these smaller projects as well as the big picture visioning that often needs to accompany your overall SEO strategy.

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How My SEO Sucks Can Help with Backlinks

We provide three primary services to assist you with backlinks. First of all, these include link building, backlink audit and link removal service, and guest posting and blogger outreach. We use a link building strategy that generates high quality backlinks and a comprehensive SEO strategy to support it. When it comes to backlink audits and link removal, we evaluate all existing backlinks and then remove those that are no longer working.

We also help you to avoid Google penalties for backlinks from low quality websites. These can harm your website so we work to remove them and steer clear of Google penalties. When it comes to guest posting, we help you by securing backlinks by guest posting on other websites or having others write in their website about your business.

Since we have been involved in the backlink business for a long time, we know mistakes to avoid and how to provide accurate reporting on backlink efforts to our clients. This gives you the peace of mind that we are always using industry best practices.

You’ll know that you’re in good hands because our company makes consistent efforts on behalf of our clients when it comes to backlinks and other SEO strategies. We know that it’s important to conduct audits, review existing backlinks, and put in place strategies for removing unwanted links. This makes it easier for you to focus on growing your company and continuing to reap the rewards from the building blocks of your past backlinks. We have earned a reputation for looking at these backlink projects at the 30,000 foot view and breaking that down into meaningful projects for our team.

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Building backlinks is good, but you can get more mileage if you create great relevant content that generates backlinks on its own.


FAQ’s on Different Types of Backlinks 

Are all types of backlinks good for your business?

Not all backlinks are necessarily good for your business as you have likely discovered in reading this article. It is important to seek high quality authoritative and non-promotional backlinks as an ongoing part of your SEO strategy.

How do backlinks help promote my business?

Backlinks create a positive association between you and other business owners, showing that the business owners have recognized you as a reputable source because they are choosing to link to your material. This can create a positive SEO relationship and drive traffic that you would not otherwise have had to your website.

What happens if I don’t evaluate backlinks?

Since not all backlinks are created equal, you could end up with backlinks that are driving traffic to your site that are not as valuable. This is why it is extremely important to make sure that you have a system for looking at all possible backlinks and a method for removing those backlinks that are low quality or could actually be harming your website.

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