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A sample of client rankings from the past 12 months
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frequently asked questions

In order to reach the coveted #1 rank in Google results, companies need to outperform the competition on key criteria. The precise criteria are constantly evolving, part of an extremely complex and secretive algorithm. However, we know many of the things that influence the ranking. These include presence and frequency of backlinks at authoritative websites in the industry or niche. They also include more general online citations, NAP consistency, optimization of content to keywords, among others.

That would be the dream, right? Send Google a check and see your business rise to the top of the ranks. If only things were that simple. The Google PageRank algorithm is, at this point, completely automated. No human has direct access to the PageRank algorithm, and machine learning has made it so complex, it’s virtually inscrutable. That means even if Google wanted to charge for higher ranks, they couldn’t. There is no way for Google to manually alter the ranking of specific sites.

Since Google has no pay-to-play scheme, you’ll need to find natural, organic ways to improve your visibility. To do that, there are many tips, tricks, and best practices you should follow. Conducting an SEO audit is the first step to identify current issues and inefficiencies. After that, you’ll want to focus on streamlining your sitemap, improving mobile-friendliness, long-tail keywords, and more engaging content. Over time, you’ll begin to see results in terms of traffic, unique visitors, and revenue.