Ya, that’s right! I built the world’s largest cardboard beach. Random? I know.

Hey Everyone! I’m Chris Porteous,

I’m a finance professional turned entrepreneur. I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work for world class companies like Goldman Sachs and UBS Securities. I also had a stint at a hedge fund, focusing on the Japanese economy. Anyways…

I eat and breathe business. My first successful exit was with a cardboard furniture design & manufacturer, Our Paper Life. Fun fact, we built the world’s largest cardboard beach for the Luminato festival in Toronto. Through this venture, we produced furniture for the Pan Am games, desks for Statistics Canada and custom products for various governments include Switzerland.

Anyways, with every business I started, each had the same theme, search engine optimization. Focusing in on content, Digital PR and a strong technical strategy, I’ve had the opportunity of scaling million dollar businesses, meeting titans in industry and building world class software.

As a result of my work, I’ve been prominently featured inpodcasts, news and various editorials around the globe.

So, why My SEO Sucks?

A typical lead or potential client I meet with has typically been burned by 3+ SEO firms. It’s truly a blight on the hard working men and women who work tirelessly to build value for their clients and companies, in the SEO industry. As a result, each client has the same problem, their SEO sucks. Hence the name, My SEO Sucks

The SEO industry is fragmented, outdated and has a poor reputation. I’m trying to change that. Through My SEO Sucks, I’m aiming to build world class content and templates that both agencies, marketers and business owners can use to help grow their businesses. In addition, I’ve also built world-class SEO software, searcheye.io, that uses technology to automate the typical “account manager”, or as we refer to it here, the “gatekeeper” role. Using machine learning and strict processes, we can significantly reduce prices, improve turnaround times (TAT) and provide full transparency.

Another common concern of entrepreneurs and business owners, they may not even need an agency. Often agencies sell “full-service” solutions to a small business, which is overkill and unnecessary. This leads to lower return on investment over time, and diminishes the value of SEO. Through SearchEye, we allow the ability of both agencies, business owners and entrepreneurs to purchase: “one-off” SEO deliverables (such as: keyword research, FAQs, content strategies, content guide outlines), content and Digital PR / link-building.

We teach people how to build online sales funnels that convert and grow revenues.
100+ The number of clients we’ve helped
500k+ Monthly visitors to our affiliate websites
20 Free Articles to Help you conquer Search
85 Featured mentions across the internet

5 Unique Things About Me

  • Finished my Grade 10 Piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music
  • I built the world’s largest cardboard beach
  • I had the opportunity of working at Goldman Sachs and UBS Securities
  • I built a 7-Figure SEO agency
  • I can throw an 85 mph fastball