time for a reality check

There are thousands of people searching for keyword terms related to your business right now…and none of them are finding you.

Frankly,that’s a little depressing.

Your competitors live off the top of Google, feasting on your leads.

WHy? because your seo sucks.

three reasons WHY:

You haven’t
invested in what
is the backbone of
every business

You tried to be the
hero and do it

You hired a
competitor of ours
and watched your
dreams pass you by.

but…aren’t SEO
companies a scam? 

we’re in bad company

Nearly every SEO firm should be ashamed to call themselves a business.

They take your money knowing deep down that they lack the technology, strategy, or media resources to rank your business. Often, it’s all three.

To rank a business you need links, high quality links, the kind Google would kiss on the lips.


Traffic Increase
(12 Months)

went from
one lead / week to
four leads/ day. So wicked! Thx!”
-Real Estate Agent

our clients are #1
because we’ve built tech
that’s out of this world!

Our success is rooted in our history.
We were a PR firm that expanded for the better.
We may have changed our mission, but our connections remain. Over 20,000 blogs worldwide to be exact.

we built searcheye

  • #1

    Selects the best target keywords based on competitiveness and search volume.

  • #2

    Keywords are inputted into the system which generates a list of corresponding blogs.

  • #3

    Custom link blogging schedule is mapped out based on the client’s keyword difficulty, budget, and industry niche.

  • #4

    Through the latest link research APIs, Searcheye assigns a proprietary performance score to blogs within the client’s niche. Blog opportunities are then removed if
    they have a:

  • x

    Low spam score

  • x

    Low domain authority/ page authority

  • x

    Trust scores

  • #5

    Our team of writers craft custom
    tailored articles integrating brand mentions, the kind of high quality writing that Google adores.

  • #6

    Content is posted using a staggered schedule which avoids those Google penalities that our competitors love to collect.

We also:

topical infographics
and videos for posting
on third party sites.
your blog with fresh,
engaging articles
Integrate high
value keywords
and tags on-site
your site/ URL
UI & favourability with
Google by linking between
headers, sub-headers
weekly reporting &
real-time keyword


Your SEO is safe from
Google updates, as
they are earned links,
indistinguishable from modern media hits.

Blog content shows up in search results, driving free click through traffic as a beautiful little bonus.

You blast past your competitors, whose SEO companies mine from the same cesspool of recycled links

frequently asked

how long will
it take to get
material results?

Once we undo the penalities
and pitiful links of your
former SEO company, the
average is typically 5.5 months.

my seo firm
already put me at
#1 for “best business
in the universe
and beyond”.

You must be proud.

You are the king of zero searches
per month.

Once you get over your mistake, give us a call.

how much?

At least $900 a month because that’s what it costs to actually get this done.

If a firm is offering you less we suggest you burn your own money instead of letting them do it.

i want to
outrank nike.
can i?

No. You will never..

Not everyone gets
to be an astronaut.